Security Pact would have granted China military freedom to protect its investments



China’s visit of the Pacific Island nations: What’s the truth?

Did China succeed? You can make up your own mind.

Before the Visit

CNA: China is reportedly seeking a region-wide deal with 10 Pacific island nations, a move that has already raised the ire of at least one of the countries on Beijing’s radar. Foreign Minister Wang Yi will host a meeting in Fiji next week. He will reportedly offer a deal covering policing, security and data communications.

After the Visit

CGTN: China and Pacific Island nations have agreed to deepen their comprehensive strategic partnership.

SCMP: Foreign ministers of 10 Pacific island nations have failed to endorse a proposed security cooperation deal with China after a meeting with Beijing’s top diplomat in Fiji.

Al Jazeera English: China’s foreign minister has been unable to secure a regional deal with several island nations.

ABC News (Australia): China has fallen short in its ambitious bid to sign up 10 Pacific nations to a wide-ranging trade and security deal. The country’s Foreign Minister met with his Pacific counterparts at a top-level summit in the Fijian capital this afternoon. But in the end, China had to shelve the pact, having failed to secure the support it needed.


This is China’s version: Success!


China and Pacific Island nations have agreed to deepen their comprehensive strategic partnership. During a special meeting of foreign ministers in Fiji, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi praised the partnership and said Beijing was ready to extend cooperation in multiple areas, including poverty reduction, climate change and disaster prevention. All sides also agreed on the equality of all countries regardless of size and that development is the shared mission of China and the island nations.


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