Singapore: More than 43,000 migrant workers set to benefit from new medical centre


In December 2021, Singapore had 1,200,400 foreign workers.


The new medical centre is part and parcel of the new Health Care System for migrant workers to be rolled out from November 2021.





Singapore to roll out a new Health Care System for migrant workers.

Singapore has announced a new health care system which will greatly benefit migrant workers.

From November 2021, this New Health Care System will be rolled out to prevent outbreaks through the health surveillance of the immigrants.

The new health care system will be implemented in six sectors, each covering a minimum of forty thousand migrant workers.

These Health Care systems will be anchored by a separate โ€œMedical Centre for Migrant Workersโ€, accompanied by set up in three dormitories, a minimum of two mobile clinical or testing teams, 24 hour telemedicine consultations, and an ambulance with special services.

Few (sic) highlights of the new Health Care System
Ensures to have doctors from home countries
Delivers medical facilities to the migrant works at a low cost Available for all the outpatients among migrant workers
Well equipped with testing laboratories and also with isolation wards to prevent the spread of dreadful infectious diseases like COVID โ€“ 19.

Singapore is one of the most immigration friendly countries in the world and has an excellent education system.



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