Malaysian professor in Shanghai claims to know the truth about the Shanghai lockdown and that western media distort the facts: The question is “What about Chinese people on Weibo?” Or SCMP reports/videos?


Received via WhatsApp.


COVID in Shanghai decreasing.

From a Malaysian professor in Shanghai

Irene and I are doing well and good, thank you! Don’t believe all the fake news that is going around in the Western media. The Omicron situation here is very much under control now, after about a month’s concerted effort of the government. The scientific system is working very well. The outbreak and its extent took Shanghai by surprise because of the number of asymptotic cases. No one could have predicted the extent of the asymptotic cases as they went undetected for some time until the asymptotic cases became significant enough to alert the authorities. As soon as that was realized, the authorities swiftly implemented comprehensive tests to track down all the sources of the asymptotic cases, as the asymptotic cases are the main agents of virus transmission. Over the last week, the results show that the methodology is working and working well. Personally, my estimate is that it will take another month of rigorous measures to completely eliminate (i.e. zero out) Omicron virus from Shanghai. There is no doubt in my mind that we will triumph over the virus one more time. You may pass on this message to all our friends and families.
Also, again against all the fake news going around in the West, we have plenty of food and daily essentials. In fact, everybody in the Faculty Village and every student in the universities can have free meals delivered to them 3 times a day if they want. There is no lootings, chaos, or lack of supplies as are promulgamated in the Western media. Quite the contrary, people are sharing with each other from their reserves with those who need it.
In our Faculty Village (教授公寓), each resident does voluntary antigens tests of the virus twice everyday, once in the morning and one at night. The authorities provide us with free testing kits. The results are communicated to the authorities as soon as they are available electronically.
According to this morning’s report, the number of new symptomatic cases yesterday in Shanghai is only 2,573. This is a far cry from the average daily increase in a comparable city in the U.S. like New York, where the testing is not very well administered to say the least, or even with Singapore. In the U.S., do they have any reliable numbers of the asymptotic cases? The newly detected asymptotic cases in Shanghai yesterday is 25,146 as a result of 全员测试, i.e. all-city testing of every one of the 25 million residents in Shanghai in one single day! Has this been done in Singapore or anywhere else in the world?


A non western view: parroting the CCP.

This is a China Daily production.
China state-affiliated media

In Shanghai For Shanghai: Foreigners speak about life as city battles COVID-19 (China Daily, China state-affiliated media)


Would the SCMP be western media distorting the truth?

SCMP: Storm rips through locked down Shanghai, tearing down Covid-19 checkpoints

SCMP video: Police in Shanghai scuffle with residents over Covid-19 quarantine measures

SCMP video: How Covid shut down Shanghai

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Chinese posts


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