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We can’t even compete with tiny neighbour, Singapore

Shankar R. Santhiram

April 28, 2022 8:00 AM

The current ruling party in our neighbouring and erstwhile former country-mate, Singapore, announced their pick for their next generation prime minister. They seem to have everything under control and properly planned out.

Since tearfully leaving the Malaysia-project in 1965, Singapore has gone on to develop from a swampy island to perhaps one of the shiniest examples for the world on what can happen with determined leadership, and well-thought through governance.

As painful as it is for us Malaysians to admit, our neighbour has surpassed us in so many fields. From technological and educational advancements to monetary policies, and socio-cultural experiments in a plural society, Singapore is arguably leaps and bounds ahead of us.

It really upsets me whenever I go to Singapore.

Their efficiency and ease of transportation; simplicity of structure for opening and conducting business; the ability to keep the nation free from radical religiosity; the proper pedestrian walkways; the frequency of international musicians and bands who opt to stop on tour there instead of here; the glamour and sheen on their Formula One circuit; the pittance I get when I convert my ringgit to their dollars; and the list goes on.

Singapore truly upsets me. And, it should upset you too.

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