No RON 95 petrol for Singapore or Thai registered cars!






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S’pore Cars Jacked Up While Pumping Petrol Allegedly In JB, A Sight Missed For 2 Years

An old habit we’ve not seen for 2 years.


Jeremy Lee

1 Apr 2022, 8:51 pm

1 Apr 2022 will always be remembered as the momentous day that the Singapore-Malaysia border reopened after more than 2 years.

After taking part in joyous scenes of people streaming across the Causeway, Singaporeans quickly went back to their old habits – one of which is pumping cheaper Malaysian petrol.

Some Singapore cars were even seen being jacked up as their owners pumped petrol, possibly on 1 Apr.

While netizens called this behaviour kiasu, some just remarked on how we’ve not had the chance to see this for 2 years.

Singapore car tilted up at petrol pump

In one of the photos being circulated online and shared by on Friday (1 Apr), a car with a Singapore licence plate number was seen pumping petrol at a Caltex station.

From the Malay words on a sign in the background, the photo was likely taken in Malaysia.


Can Singaporean cars buy RON95 in Malaysia?

In Cars, Local News / By Paul Tan / 3 April 2022 11:35 am / 15 comments

Ever since the Malaysia-Singapore causeway opened on April 1, there have been a few photos of Singaporean vehicles performing amusing antics while refuelling at Malaysian fuel stations.

But this one in particular was a little different – it showed a Singaporean-registered Toyota Estima being refuelled with a yellow nozzle, which at this particular fuel brand indicates RON95 fuel.

Foreign-registered vehicles are actually not allowed to buy RON95 in Malaysia. This rule was put into place on August 1, 2010. This is because of the higher tax-funded subsidises provided for RON95 users, which are meant to go to Malaysian motorists only. So cars like this Singaporean-registered Toyota Estima can refuel in Malaysia but they are supposed to be buying RON97 or RON100 only.


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