Malays are indebted to Kit Siang, says Anwar | Free Malaysia Today (FMT)


Samuel Chua

– April 2, 2022 7:35 AM

PETALING JAYA: Malays are indebted to DAP mentor Lim Kit Siang for educating the masses on their rights in the country, says Anwar Ibrahim.

The opposition leader said Lim had spoken out not only about politics and the country but also on racial sensitivities and racial perceptions.

Lim was different from “certain Malay leaders” who had openly criticised the community, he said.

“Some called the Malays lazy, of depending on subsidies, of not being grateful and easily forgetting (about the government’s contributions to them). However, Lim said the opposite, that Malays do work hard and there are no lazy natives,” Anwar said in a tribute to the DAP veteran who has announced his retirement from active politics.

“And as a Malaysian and as a Malay, we are indebted to you, Kit Siang, for educating the masses on their rights in this country,” he said.

Anwar praised Lim for his integrity and his will to remain consistent and never concede, and never having compromised on his values and principles.

“In politics, we need this integrity, courage and tenacity. Lim embodies these qualities. Malaysians will remain proud of you,” he said.


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