Is a “Cruise to Nowhere” worth taking?



Nov 17, 2021 04:22 pm

Staycations and cruises to nowhere have increased in popularity since Covid-19 hit.

Unfortunately, expectations do not always meet reality for some holiday-goers

TikTok user Yvonne Ling decided to go against the grain and share her honest experience after taking a cruise to nowhere with Royal Caribbean Cruises in two parts

Her videos have gotten over 621,000 and 323,000 views respectively.

Click on this link for the videos:


November 17, 2021published at 6:43 PM
By Ching Shi Jie AsiaOne

Guests going aboard Royal Caribbean’s cruise ships from Dec 2 onwards will be informed to take an antigen rapid test (ART) at Raffles City Shopping Centre on the day of sailing before their departure at Marina Bay Cruise Centre.

According to Royal Caribbean’s website, all guests are currently required to take an ART test at the cruise terminal before they are allowed to board the ship.

Responding to AsiaOne’s queries, Royal Caribbean’s spokesperson said that the change in testing location is part of their efforts to “improve the overall guest experience” and “simplifying the check-in and pre-cruise testing process”.

“Guests will also no longer have to wait for their ART results and can quickly swab and enjoy the mall, as they will receive their results via SMS,” the company’s spokesperson added.

In a two-part TikTok video series titled S*** About Royal Caribbean That People Don’t Care About — with over a million views in total — Yvonne Ling showed the “three-hour wait” at the cruise terminal before boarding the Quantum of the Seas.

Documenting her cruise to nowhere experience, the TikToker also showed there were time limits for specific amenities. These include the pool, bumper cars, and having “tens of couples staring at you” while relaxing in the jacuzzi.

n a statement provided to AsiaOne, Royal Caribbean said that the health and safety of their guests and crew is “top priority”. They have implemented health and safety protocols onboard all sailings, such as sailing at reduced capacity and ensuring social distancing measures are adhered to at all times.

Their spokesperson added: “Cruising with Royal Caribbean has been a safe, adventure-filled getaway for our guests, even amidst evolving local regulations, and we have seen many guests return again and again.”

In another TikTok video shared on Tuesday (Nov 16) — with over 35,000 views — Ling showed “the awesome s*** about Royal Caribbean that everyone talks about”.





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