No, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla was not arrested by the FBI. It’s a rumour started by “Conservative Beaver” who also started the rumour that the Pope had been arrested


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On the same date, 5 November 2021, when the Pfizer CEO was supposedly arrested, he was interviewed on CNN and CNBC.



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The CEO of Pfizer arrested by the FBI? Watch out for this infox

News Carmen News about 5 hours ago 21 ألف REPORT

FAKE NEWS – A blog known to have shared numerous rumors indicates that Pfizer Laboratory CEO Albert Bourla was arrested by the FBI on Friday morning. An assertion that has all of an infox.

Felicia Sideris – 2021-11-05T19:43:18.346+01:00

A single source whose reputation is already tainted. A blog called “The Conservative Beaver”, literally the “Conservative Beaver” assures this Friday, November 5 that the CEO of the Pfizer laboratory would have been arrested by the FBI for acts of “fraud”. Information created from scratch.

All the info on

The Verifiers, a fact-checking team shared by the editorial staff of TF1, LCI and

According to his information, not sourced, Albert Bourla would have been arrested this Friday “morning”, “at his home” of Scarsdale, New York. “Detained pending investigation”, he would be accused by the United States Federal Criminal Investigation Service of “fraud” after having “misled customers about efficiency” of the Pfizer laboratory vaccine used against Covid-19. The Greek entrepreneur would notably be “accused of falsifying data and paying big bribes”, according to a “FBI agent” cited by blog. Completely secret information for which “the police ordered a media blackout”, always according to this same article.

A questionable blog

However, many elements suggest that this is a completely invented rumor. On the one hand, the only source publishing this post – largely

Translation: The CEO of Pfizer. Media blackout? Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla was arrested Friday morning at his home in the affluent suburb of Scarsdale, New York, by the FBI and charged with + counts of fraud, Bourla is being held in awaiting a bail hearing.

– is this famous “Conservative Beaver”, who describes himself as “an alternative Canadian site”. However, it is not his first attempt. On the contrary, this blog has a bad habit of spreading hoaxes about alleged arrests of public figures.

It was he who launched the crazy rumor last January of the arrest of Pope Francis. According to Lead Stories, a verification media, this Canadian site has also announced in the past the false arrest of Barack Obama, allegedly accused of espionage, or that of billionaire Georges Soros, supposedly for interference in the American election.


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2 Responses to No, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla was not arrested by the FBI. It’s a rumour started by “Conservative Beaver” who also started the rumour that the Pope had been arrested

  1. Clifford says:

    There’s no way of knowing for sure whether this is fake or contains some truth. What is known and is a matter of public court record is that Pfizer has one of the biggest criminal records of any corporation in the world and has paid out 4 BILLION in fines and penalties so far. Their rap sheet includes convictions for illegal experimentation on children and the falsification of test result(fraud) and bribery. The claims of arrest should be weighed against this background.

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