Anti Malaysia propaganda: How to lie with GDP estimates


This piece is propaganda. It takes an article that estimates Vietnam overtaking Malaysia in GDP in 2020 to run down Malaysia and its govt.

I may not like this unelected government but I don’t like lies and propaganda either.


Figures given by the IMF show Malaysia and Singapore ahead of Vietnam.

GDP and GDP per capita data are according to IMF 2021 data.[1]

in million

GDP Nominal
millions of
GDP Nominal
per capita
millions of
per capita
1 Indonesia272.2701,158,7834,2563,507,23912,882
2 Thailand69.947538,7357,7021,329,32419,004
3 Philippines110.432402,6383,6461,000,6179,061
4 Malaysia33.358387,09311,604978,78129,340
5 Singapore5.840374,39464,103600,063102,742
6 Vietnam98.328354,8683,6091,148,05411,677
7 Myanmar53.54576,1951,423258,6774,831
8 Cambodia15.83627,2391,72078,0654,930
9 Laos7.37120,4402,77362,7978,519
10 Brunei0.46115,27833,09729,73164,405


Propaganda received via WhatsApp.

On what was in d discussions as well ….

IMF: Vietnam surpasses Singapore and Malaysia to become the 4th largest economy in Southeast Asia Based on the IMF GDP data for 2020, Malaysia’s economy is now ranked 6th in ASEAN. A notable achievement by the Mahiaddin administration. Ten years ago, Malaysia was 3rd largest economy in ASEAN. Philippines and Singapore overtook Malaysia in 2015 when Najib Razak was the Prime Minister and Finance Minister focused on wealth creation.
Now, Malaysia’s economy is smaller than that of Vietnam.
2020 IMF GDP data:
1.Indonesia $1,059.54b
2.Thailand $510.89b
3.Philippines $362.24b
4.Vietnam $340.82b
5.Singapore $339,98b
6.Malaysia $338.28b
7.Myanmar $81.26b
8.Cambodia $25.95b
9.Lao $19.08b

  1. Brunei $12.02b
    The economy ranking continues to fall despite of Malaysia having so many ministers overlooking and promoting economy, development and productivity; namely, (1) Senior Minister for Finance and Economy, also the Minister of International Trade and Industry, (2) Minister of Finance, (3) Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, (4) Minister of Agriculture and Food Industries, (5) Minister of Plantation Industries and Commodities, (6) Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, (7) Minister of Entrepreneurship Development and Cooperative, (8)😎 Minister of Rural Development and (9) Minister in the Prime Minister Office
    Creating job positions and rent-seekers are the Malaysian government’s priorities, not productivity. Democracy with Malaysian characteristics is doomed.


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