Foo Siang Heng: Covid-19 (Teenage) Virus Mutants


Covid-19 (Teenage) Virus Mutants

SARS-CoV-2 belongs unfortunately
To a family mutating profligately
An RNA virus with a single strand
Can quickly evolve out of hand

Many variants have been emerging
Some less, others more foreboding
When they’ll stop is anybody’s bet
Each named after a Greek alphabet

Alpha, Beta, Delta or Gamma
Better hope one doesn’t kena*
Classified as ‘variants of concern’
Can send one to ICU with no return

Delta variant is the worst so far
With characteristics most bizzare
More infectious, spreads faster
Causing socio-economic disaster

Newest variant is M or μ (say: ‘mew’)
Variant of interest, symptoms are few
Next alphabet in the queue
Is N or v , pronounced as ‘new’.


Note: kena* in Bahasa means ‘to get’; in this context, ‘contract’.


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