Huawei: We have more than a billion active smartphone worldwide…


Huawei turns to pig farming and coal mining as US sanctions bite: Phone sales drop by 42% and output will fall by 60%…



Huawei Founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei recently spoke at the GTS Cloud and Device Cloud Cooperation and Integration Progress conference. During his speech, he stated that Huawei has a wide range of devices, and the number of active smartphones has already exceeded one billion.

The Huawei founder also said that in the next phase, in 2-3 years, they plan to create the safest and most reliable cloud ecosystem for end devices. In addition, Ren Zhengfei said that the Huawei ecosystem should have a completely open architecture for all applications and developers.

Huawei has notified its suppliers that orders for smartphone parts will fall more than 60% in 2021. Huawei will ship 70 to 80 million smartphones this year, down from 189 million last year, according to official figures.

Interestingly, just four months ago it became known that there are a billion active iPhone smartphones in the world.

Huawei: We will never sell our smartphone business

Ren Zhengfei, founder and CEO of Huawei, said on Tuesday that Huawei will survive the sanctions imposed by Donald Trump and look forward to a renewed relationship with the United States when new President Joe Biden comes to power.

Joe Biden took over as head of the White House last month. Huawei now expects the new US president to improve relations between the two countries; as well as American and Chinese companies. Ren Zhengfei said Huawei remains determined to buy equipment from US companies and that restoring Huawei’s access to US goods is mutually beneficial. In addition, he suggests that the restrictions on the Chinese tech giant will hurt US suppliers.

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