Please donate to Hannah Yeoh to help make up the shortfall of RM300k: PUSAT KHIDMAT RAKYAT HANNAH YEOH (CIMB 8008776607).


Keep giving! Hannah Yeoh will find lots of good uses for the money.


Hannah Yeoh 


(1) I have lost all allocation previously given by the Federal Government for each Member of Parliament after the Sheraton Move.

(2) Previously, I would receive RM300,000 a year for the running of my office – salary for my staff, rental of office, utilities and other accidental expenses. This is no longer the case beginning January 2021.

(3) The balance of RM3.5million (minus RM300,000 for office expenses) given as grant to associations in Segambut and programs including infrastructure projects in schools and parks.

(4) This allocation has been redirected by the PN government to an unelected PN politician in Segambut. We have no details of their spending since Sheraton Move. No one knows.

(5) I have always published how I spent my allocation on my website. This has been a practice since I was ADUN Subang Jaya, you can view it on my website –

(6) Unlike other MPs in Harapan led states like Selangor or Penang (they receive some financial support from the state government), the Opposition MPs in Kuala Lumpur have no such support.

(7) I cannot sing or dance (or shave my head bald 🤣) to raise funds but I work hard for my residents and commit to being an effective voice for them.

(8) My greatest concern now is to sustain the running of my team this year (RM300,000) so we can better serve the people. If you would like to contribute to my work, here are the details of the bank account: PUSAT KHIDMAT RAKYAT HANNAH YEOH (CIMB 8008776607).

(9) Meanwhile, we will continue to ask for transparency on which PN politician is currently spending my MP allocation in #Segambut. Please share.




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