Mariam Mokhtar: Two weddings which show the hypocrisy in Malaysia…


Malaysia is the sick nation of Asia. The country is in a mess, but this mess has not been caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are suffering from 63 years of the policies of Umno and Umno-Baru and unlike Covid-19, there is no vaccine for corrupt and greedy politicians, incompetent MPs and hypocritical politicians. Umno-Baru sold the Malays a lie, which unfortunately was believed lock, stock and barrel.

Today, politicians charged with graft are granted full acquittals or discharge not amounting to an acquittal (DNAA) but members of the public who steal bread are jailed and fined. The poor get poorer, the rich become wealthier. The poor who break the law are punished, the rich get off scot-free.uijkkkolipkk

Senior politicians and members of their families do not pay the millions of ringgit which they owe the Inland Revenue Board, and are allowed leeway and time to appeal. Ordinary members of the public face harsh penalties if they do not meet the deadlines.

We are told that the Chinese and DAP are our enemies, and that they will turn Malaysia into a Christian country and eradicate the Malay way of life. Did any Malay stop to think how this would be possible? Malays are in positions of power in government, the civil service, the GLCs, and the armed forces. They are in charge of dictating policy and running the wheels of government.

Many hypocritical Malays hide behind the cloak of religion to serve themselves and to wield an invisible stick to control the population, both Muslim and non-Muslim.

Non-Muslims face many, many harsh realities. Temples are demolished; food items that are considered haram may be forced from the shelves; and churches cannot display crosses or be located in some residential areas.

Few people realise that the invisible and heavy hand of religion is wielded over the Malays. Their lives are more manipulated than most other people because without this Malay leaders cannot maintain their power.

When a Malaysian Muslim, Illi Najwa Saddique, married the captain of the Indian hockey team, the couple had a traditional wedding ceremony in Punjab, but some Malaysians were furious and wanted to know if she was still a Muslim. Does Islam teach us to intrude into the private lives of other people?

Apparently photos of the couple on social media showed them wearing Punjabi wedding suits at the ceremony.

How different is this from many Malay weddings in which the bride changes costumes from the traditional songket to a white western bridal gown and the groom dons a suit? By the warped logic of some Malay Muslims, these Malays have probably become Christian.

Some Malay friends who married Chinese men performed the tea ceremony. Does this mean the Malays are no longer Muslim?

There are more serious issues than the marriage of a Malay to a Punjabi – like child marriages, incest, forced marriage after the rape of a minor, intolerance, corruption and abuse of power.

When former Federal Territories minister Tengku Adnan Mansor arranged for his son’s wedding to be conducted in front of the Palace of Justice, in Putrajaya, he claimed that he wanted the friends of his son and family to share the joy of the wedding celebration.

This ostentatious display of wealth is simply not Islamic and certainly an insult to the many Malaysians who have lost their jobs or are facing an uncertain future during this Covid-19 pandemic.

To feed 10,000 guests, even if they had been given take-away packs, is not a cheap affair. If Tengku Adnan wanted to show his sincerity and compassion, he could have donated the money to help feed the homeless. Many people will recall that a few years ago he warned the homeless and the soup kitchens that fed them that they were banned within a few miles of the centre of Kuala Lumpur because they would be an eye-sore for tourists.

This pompous drive-through wedding was crass and tasteless.

Will Joe Public be able to have a private event on the steps of the Palace of Justice?

The views expressed are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of FMT.


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