Rawang: Private clinic SP Care lodges police report over falsified Covid-19 test results…



Clinic lodges police report over falsified Covid-19 test results

B Nantha Kumar
Published 2:15 pmModified 2:19 pm

A private clinic in Rawang has lodged a police report after discovering results were falsified for Covid-19 tests it conducted.

SP Care founder Dr Sathia Prakash Nadarajan said about 20 fake test result reports bearing the clinic’s name had been found.

In those reports the names of the individuals tested were changed, he said, adding that the clinic has offered Covid-19 tests since early April.

“Each time we conduct a Covid-19 test on an individual, we will record the results through a document which contains both the individual’s personal identification and our clinic’s reference number. Each individual is issued a unique reference number.

“However, lately we found there have been several instances of falsification of this document, whereby irresponsible parties have changed the name of the individual tested for Covid-19,” he said.

He said the clinic had lodged two reports over the matter, the first in June and the second last week.

“Falsification of Covid-19 test results is a serious matter, and the number of positive cases could rise further as a result of these irresponsible acts.

“We hope the authorities would give due attention to this issue,” he said.

Dr Sathia Prakash said the falsified reports which used results from the clinic had involved workers from subcontracting firms, who provide services to both the public and private sectors.

“Most of the time, these firms are told to test their workers, but there may be occasions where they only test some workers.

“They then go on to use the test conducted on those workers to falsify documents for other workers who were not tested. This would lower the cost of testing their workers for Covid-19,” he said.

To avoid further fraud attempts, Dr Sathia Prakash said his clinic had developed a QR code system.

Malaysiakini has reached out to the relevant authorities for updates on this case.




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