Fall out from the Parti Liyani case: Chief Justice allows investigation into complaint against prosecutors…



SINGAPORE — Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon on Friday (Oct 23) ruled that a disciplinary tribunal should be appointed to investigate a misconduct complaint lodged by former domestic worker Parti Liyani against two prosecutors who had handled her theft trial.

Ms Parti, who was acquitted last month of stealing more than S$34,000 worth of items from her former employer, businessman Liew Mun Leong, decided last week to press on with legal action.

The 45-year-old Indonesian worker had filed an originating summons in June to begin disciplinary proceedings against Deputy Public Prosecutors (DPPs) Tan Wee Hao and Tan Yanying.

They had prosecuted her in the State Courts, where she was convicted and sentenced to 26 months’ jail. 

A High Court judge then overturned the conviction last month after she appealed. The high-profile case sparked public outcry, raising questions about how her trial was conducted and if there were issues with the evidence-gathering process.

The chief justice can appoint a disciplinary tribunal if he grants leave for investigations to be conducted into the misconduct complaint.

The tribunal will submit its findings to him and he can either dismiss the complaint if the tribunal finds no cause of sufficient gravity for disciplinary action, or order the DPPs to be punished.

A representative from the Attorney-General’s Chambers who appeared for the DPPs previously said that they will not object to the chief justice referring the matter to a tribunal for investigation.

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