Rizal Mansor: Rosmah paid cybertroopers RM100k a month to promote her image!


Ex-aide: Image-conscious Rosmah paid cybertroopers RM100k a month

Hidir Reduan Abdul Rashid
Published 1:31 pmModified 1:55 pm

ROSMAH TRIAL | Rosmah Mansor, the wife of former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak, was allegedly very conscious about her image and purportedly forked out RM100,000 a month to fund cybertroopers who were tasked to counter negative content about her on the internet.

This according to her former aide Rizal Mansor (above) who testified in Rosmah’s graft trial today involving a solar hybrid project which she allegedly helped Jepak Holdings to secure in exchange for kickbacks.

“In 2012, I set up a cybertrooper team on Rosmah’s instruction. The team, which I managed, was tasked to monitor social media content that is critical or creates a negative perception against Rosmah.

“The team must also counter and explain defamatory allegations and accusations against Rosmah to the public.”

He said the cybertrooper team operated using funds that Rosmah personally provided.

“She puts priority in her image, reputation, and people’s perception of her status as the prime minister’s wife.

“Rosmah always wanted publicity and media coverage for her activities,” he testified.

Rizal told the court that he was hired as Rosmah’s aide in 2009 through a specially created “First Lady of Malaysia division” under the Prime Minister’s Department and was paid by the Malaysian government.

Rizal testified that Rosmah’s desire for publicity was not limited to the programmes she attended.

“Rosmah also wanted media coverage for all activities that could increase her popularity and improve her image as the prime minister’s wife in the eyes of the public.


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