Yusof Hashim: Independence Day – Malaysian first, Malay second…




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🙏An older man’s opinion, sensible and honest! Could have been my spiritual kaki ha ha ha👌👏😎🥃INDEPENDENCE DAY
A letter for my 75-year-old classmates from the Royal Military College.

I am a Malaysian first, and a Malay second. I pray to God daily, and I believe in the hereafter where all of us will all be asked to account for what we did or did not do while we were alive. But I am not excessively and destructively religious. I am unhappy with how my religion has been hijacked for political purposes, and I am angry with the people doing it. I am also angry with the charlatans and titled people who call themselves our leaders. I am unhappy with the creeping Arabization of my multi-racial and multi-cultural Malaysia. And I am angry with the dumbing down of the Malay rural population by politicians without integrity, without honour, without honesty and without conscience.


For a start, this affirmative action policy has gone on for far too long. Although it has helped a lot of Malays, as a double-edged sword, it is starting to hurt the Malays more than it helps. It has bred a crutch mentality among us Malays, to an extent that initiative and entrepreneurship have atrophied among the Malays. We have become risk-averse. Our people have now come to believe that they cannot achieve anything without government help. Our race has become the object of derision by the more independently successful Chinese. Let us wean the Malays away from affirmative action. Let us embrace meritocracy. We need to taste hard work and some failure, for us to learn how to walk without needing crutches.


The effects of this disease is so entrenched today, that we are now derisively labelled as the country with the biggest kleptocracy in the entire world. One of our past Prime Ministers have even been convicted of felony, and yet the dedak infused still kiss his hands and scream, what is there to be ashamed about, whenever he makes his police escorted rounds. What have become of these people?


I remember 55 years ago, one of our Prime Ministers booted Singapore out of Malaysia. I remember clearly watching LKY crying on black and white TV after that announcement. I remember that in the few years after that event, how we got one Singapore dollar at the Caltex station just before the causeway, for only 90 Malaysian cents. Today, the Malaysian Dollar and Cents have been renamed Ringgit and Sen, but the Singapore dollar is now worth 3.6 times our miserable Ringgit and Sen. And Singapore with no natural resources at all, except the perseverance, the will, and the ingenuity of its people, and the strategic thinking of their leaders, is today one of the wealthiest countries in the world, with a per capita GDP at least a dozen times more than ours.


IMHO it is our selfish, dishonest, and immoral leaders who are to be blamed for the mess our country is in, in this 63rd year of our independence. Even as our country bleeds from the Covid calamity, our so-called leaders, are still prioritising politics over focusing on saving the country, just like the proverbial Nero still playing his harp while Rome burns. The Malay proverb, “Harapkan pagar, pagar yang memakan padi,” is appropriate, in the case of our Malaysia.

So, the question is, what can we do to pull ourselves out of this cesspool we are all in?


In conclusion, I leave you this little anecdote, lifted from the book “Atlas Shrugged“, written by Ayn Rand in 1957, the year we gained independence from Britain.


Selamat Hari Merdeka tahun ke 63.😎😇😷😷

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  1. iampepperlim says:

    I wonder who wrote it.

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