More fake news: SOP for traveling 1 August 2020…




This is the fake news circulating on WhatsApp…

SOP for Travelling
Wed 1 Aug

MCO Query Phone +60388882010

Called the above number to seek clarification on the mandatory mask requirement for in-car travel.
Call the above number for any MCO related info.

Please take note.

1) If u are driving alone or all in car are from same one household, with MyKad showing all having same house address, there is no need to wear face mask. And Max load of 5 persons

2) But if more than one person in car from different households, all MUST wear face masks with effect from 1 Aug.

3) Also, you are required to practice social distancing in the car.
If small car like Perodua Aixa, driver in front n another person behind. Only 2 in a car

For bigger vehicles like sedan, MPV/SUV, If seats are more than 3 feet wide, you can be seated next to each with one empty seat in between.

4) For public transport: Like buses, LRT, MRT, trains, Masks are compulsory


SOP at eateries during pandemic

1.. Social distancing.

  • Minimum 1 metre apart.
  • Small table……2 persons
  • Large table……4 persons

2.. Register your particulars.

  • Body temperature
  • Name
  • Handphone number. Don’t record fake ones

3.. Face mask.
*Keep your mask on while

  • waiting for food or drink
  • talking
  • using your handphone
  • reading newspaper

Put your mask on
immediately after eating & drinking.

You can only take off your mask while eating or drinking.

  • Don’t pull down your mask to your chin.
  • Don’t hang it on one ear.
  • Don’t place it on the table.
    Put it inside a bag or your trouser pocket.

4.. Leave as soon as you have finished eating and drinking.

Don’t use the eatery as a venue for socializing at this time.


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