Witchhunt? Former IGP Haniff Omar attacks AG Tommy Thomas: He is Chin Peng’s ‘good friend’…



Former top cop Hanif claims AG was Chin Peng’s ‘good friend’

Faisal Asyraf

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Former inspector-general of police Hanif Omar raised a question on whether Attorney-General Tommy Thomas would prosecute those who violated the 1989 Hat Yai Peace Accord.

In a fiery speech at an anti-communism rally in Kuala Lumpur today, Hanif (above) cast doubt on Thomas claiming that the latter was a “good friend” of former Communist Party of Malaya secretary-general Chin Peng.

“Those who returned, there were conditions (set on them). They must obey the law and constitution of the country. I asked them to take an oath.

“I instructed my men to send them home (after they refused to take the oath), and only then they changed their minds. The government must keep this condition. If they break the law, the police must take action.

“But will they be prosecuted?”

Hanif added: “This is because the prosecution is in the hands of the attorney-general and he is a good friend to Chin Peng. So now we must look and cast the light on him.”

The CPM had signed a peace accord with the government of Malaysia in Hat Yai, Thailand on Dec 2, 1989, which saw the end of its 21 years of armed struggle.

Early this month, a gathering was held in Kajang to commemorate the signing of the treaty.

Attended by about 300 people, it had sparked controversy following the fear that there’s an attempt to revive communism which then prompted the police to investigate the event.

For the record, Thomas used to represent Chin Peng 11 years ago before he became the attorney-general.

Previously, Umno secretary-general Annuar Musa had insinuated that Thomas had a role in the action of a group that brought back Chin Peng’s cremains into Malaysia.

Thomas had responded by saying: “I acted for the late Chin Peng in 2008. I was a counsel along with Raja Aziz Addruse and Chin Peng also had a solicitor on record.

“Even Chin Peng is allowed to hire lawyers in Malaysia for legal proceedings here. Both Raja Aziz, myself and his solicitor met Chin Peng in Bangkok to discuss his case and to take instructions

“There was a dispute about the Hat Yai Accord,” Thomas had said.

He added that he had also written an obituary for Chin Peng when he died in 2013 and this was public knowledge.

Thomas also argued that he had represented hundreds of people when he was in private practice and questioned whether he should be held responsible for their actions.

“I also acted for PAS before. Does this mean I am responsible for PAS’ actions?

“Is Annuar suggesting that I have used my current position as the attorney-general to facilitate the bringing back of Chin Peng’s ashes?

“Let me remind him that such remarks can be construed as defamatory,” he had said.



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