Zahid Hamidi: I’m paying the price for turning down Tommy Thomas when he requested the return of Chin Peng’s ashes. (What about calling Dr Mahathir “Kutty”?)





KUALA LUMPUR: Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi today said he is “paying the price” for not allowing Chin Peng’s ashes to return to Malaysia during his stint as home minister, citing his 87 charges for corruption.

Zahid said Chin Peng’s lawyer at the time, Tommy Thomas, had made a request for him to propose at a Cabinet meeting to allow Chin Peng’s ashes to be brought back to Malaysia.

“But when it was brought to the Cabinet by me, the Cabinet decided that Chin Peng’s body will never be allowed to be brought on Malaysian land, what more buried.

“But I had to pay a heavy price. Because that lawyer is now the attorney-general, now I have to pay the price with 87 charges. That’s the reality,” he said when launching the Umno Encyclopedia here today.

Zahid is facing a total of 87 charges for alleged criminal breach of trust (CBT) involving his family-run foundation Yayasan Akal Budi, money laundering as well as accepting bribes for various projects during his tenure in the home ministry.


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