Who is Jason Lo, arrested for alleged threats to his ex wife?

Jason Lo is the ex Telco CEO arrested for “misbehaving” at his ex-wife’s house?

Read Jason Lo’s side of the story

I thought long and hard about this. To my kids, I fear this will forever become one of my greatest regrets – to have reached such a sorry state of affairs as to find myself responding to the madness of the court of public opinion. I promise you I tried my best to hold-off with all my strength, and I am as tired of all this anger and silliness as much as you are, but it’s a new age; and for your protection, I will try my best to put an end to this and do what’s right.

Forgive me, but I want you to not read anything below, until your are 18. It’s your choice but that is my wish and I hope you will trust me k? ..That goes for your friends too!




In all sincerity and in good faith.

I have never gone public about my divorce. After the events last week – getting the front page treatment from the Star – This is where I will draw my line in the sand.

The Star has, most indecently and irresponsibly printed a front-page story, a ‘scoop’, or an ‘exposé’, in a vicious attempt to destroy the lives, welfare and livelihood of my family, but here is the thing – to say it was by any measure, “false reporting”, “omitting key facts”, writing “fiction” or “bias” etc. would be an understatement.

The Star allowed themselves to become a tool used by a woman who lost all six of her cases brought about in the Syariah court over a 4 –year divorce period, where she began to lie and deceive.

What I am about to tell you here is just the truth. I ask for you to consider that this is a sad story of a broken family. Below was attempt to ‘bait’, or ‘blackmail’ a response from me.

So this is long after investigations which were Concluded in a Court of Law by a High Court Judge and years of evidence being presented. After all that, what ‘opportunity’ do the innocent require from the Star to reprove a court ruling? I couldn’t quite understand what this was.
I did not respond, I respond only to the Officers at PDRM.

The next day, another ‘Ultimatum’. Who are these thugs?

Since the interest in this case has now inflated to ‘cuckoo’ level, here are facts and some vital, and omitted(for some reason) details which show the malicious and underhanded modus operandi of the Star’s Front page reporting line, which shames all the good and decent reporters in Malaysia who actually try to do their jobs properly and with integrity. – Real Journalists.

So, truth:

EXCLUSIVE:PETALING JAYA: The arrest of a former telco chief executive officer last week for alleged trespass and threats against his ex-wife and her family was just the tip of the iceberg.

Icebergs are mostly underwater. The Star suggesting the “Tip”, meaning 80% more is unseen. This is an unfair remark as I have committed no crime. Interestingly, there was no mention of WHY I was there to Trespass in the first place. It wasn’t because I was buying shoes.
I followed my Investigating Officer’s (IO) advice and got a covering report from the Police to go and get my 9-year old son – who was taken for what was to be a 1-night sleepover with his mother. This was last Deepavali. He was never returned for school the next day. His phone was not working. I couldn’t reach him or his mother that entire time.

Days went by, weeks, I filed missing persons reports and had have not seen or heard from him for over 7 months. He has not been back to school. I do not know his status. He has human rights and rights under the Child’s Act and Education Act. He is missing. I have not seen him or contacted him in all that time. No explanation has been given. The mother even changed houses without informing anyone.
Imagine losing a child with no explanation. Imagine trying to patiently contact the mother, her husband and my son but to total radio silence. I had no proof of life. I have joint custody, and he was gone. The year before he was also taken for Christmas Holidays with no contact either. I sent dozens of emails to JKM, PDRM, and was eventually advised to go to the house, which me and my 2 daughters discovered by chance.
I made a post report after me and my girls could not even meet him. In it, I stated that the gate was unlocked and the sliding door was open and my youngest daughter was with me and heard me say “It’s unlocked”. I wanted to see my son. I am his father and he was kidnapped. I didn’t even know if he was alive. Do you know how traumatic it is for a child to simply vanish from his home? I give my ex open access but she has already burned her relationship with the girls by constantly trying to brainwash them.

You may refer to Dr.Edward Chan, the President of the Malaysian Association of Psycotherapists, or Dr. Shieila at HKL, who evaluated the children, also Pn.Isnawati at JKM, Pn.Shearil at JKM, and PDRM. These allegations have been investigated several times.
Why did the Star leave all this out? Is this not an important and vital piece of ‘research’? What is the motive behind such obvious one-sided reporting? This is disgusting and deplorable and involves my children.
Let’s call this ‘Act 1’.

“He was released on police bail on Sunday, a day before his four-day remand ended.”
– I went in on the 16th voluntarily. So that’s Day 1. Add a day – 17th – Day 2. 18th Day 3. Released on the 19th is Day 4. This is my understanding. Shall we call this Act 2? I could be mistaken but the Magistrate said 19th and that was the day my remand ended. I am uncertain as to what the Star is suggesting.

“The trail goes back four years when the mother, suspecting something amiss, brought her two daughters to a licensed counsellor in 2015.”

So ‘Something amiss’? This statement is False. – My ex wanted a counsellor/cum ‘healer’ who came to the house regularly. I don’t know what ‘License’ he has, or what the Star is referring to. Nicholas was called in by Ann as a ‘couples counselor’. There was absolutely nothing to suggest otherwise. He is the author of “Our Present Day Universe Is like a Japanese Porn Star”. So, forgive me if I was somewhat reluctant to partake in whatever program my ex wished to explore with this person. In the end, I believe I was right to stay away from him as he later encouraged the filming of my children during the divorce. Heartbreaking to see my kids being told to speak up and made to feel guilty when they ‘vanished’ and couldn’t go to the beach with me.
Once divorce proceedings began, suddenly Nicholas here became qualified and ‘Licensed’ to check for sexual abuse? Is he a Psychotherapist? Psychologist? Psychiatrist? I think the Star needs to clarify what ‘License’ this person has if he is looking at my children’s privates. – ‘Act 3. ok?

“the session, the children graphically recount some of the things their father allegedly did to them.”
I finally saw this ‘video’ and don’t understand what the Star is ‘graphically’ implying because after many years of my ex claiming “I have proof. Damaging evidence…etc.” – I saw my poor 8-year old with a ‘counselor’ (My ex’s school Friend) and I believe my ex’s husband, filming my daughter. In it I recall hearing the mother saying: ”ok, tell us just like you did last night…go on…” My daughter was not looking comfortable and mumbled something along the lines of “Well, daddy, me, sis and bro, in bed on holiday in Penang..”
Mother: “..Yes, and then…was Daddy naked?”
Daughter: “He was wearing a shirt…then..I ..think his Penis…something.. my hand..”

I said STOP! We stopped the ‘video’, I turned to my ex when I saw this in the court and said: “We DO NOT use the word “PENIS” in our household! Where did she learn this word from?”

This claim is evil. I do not know of the event and am pretty sure I don’t ‘sleep-molest’ either. This was awful for a child to grow up hearing and we filed affidavits during the divorce with testimonies on this horrific rubbish. I have no words to describe the absurdity of this appearing on the front page of the Star. What is the objective? To use such power so stupidly and to mess with my kids after what our family has been through is unacceptable and I will not tolerate this. They already have been bombarded with new friend requests by the hundreds and they are at an age where kids can read the front page and be cruel and what the hell is the Star thinking? Are you a court of law now? This is the most dangerous thing I have ever seen done by anyone. And you boast that your legal team cleared this? ‘Act 4’ – reckless abuse and completely negligent to the trauma and emotional damage caused.

In the session, the children graphically recount some of the things their father allegedly did to them.” –

I think “graphically recount” is being used to “graphically imply” some ‘graphical nonsense’ which, strangely enough, would have been seen by the Royal Police, yes? Graphically. I’m certain if it was ‘Graphic enough’, something would have been done about it – like an arrest?. Is the Star suggesting a crime occurred and JKM/PDRM didn’t act? Or does the Star have locus standi on cases involving the filming of 8-year olds when neither a judge, nor qualified ‘counsellor’, nor licensed psychiatric professional are present. Sounds pretty ‘graphic’, why don’t you just save us all the hassle and print these ‘things’ instead of alluding to them being just ‘graphic’? You are the Star! – ‘Act 5’, disgustingly suggesting I ‘did something’ to my kids. What the hell are you implying? Putting the wrong conditioner in their hair?

“Wong also filed an affidavit with the Kuala Lumpur Syariah Court on May 8, 2015, during the couple’s custody hearing, in which he testified that the 10-year-old had told him that her father came to her bed and laid down beside her, then put his penis into her hand.” –

So is this the made up story in Lone Pine Resort Penang? Or another one in my daughters bed? I do lay down with the kids to tell bedtime stories. Unfortunately for the Star, I do not put my Penis in anyone’s hand but my own, and that’s just if I am parked wrongly. Did your Editor actually think “Good..put that one in. We’ll worry about reality later.” ? – Let’s call this ‘Act 6’ because I’m not sure I even recall this testimony at all now that I think about it. Did you for once ever stop to consider the brainwashing or manipulation of a child? Do you know what Kind of guilt and trauma you open up in Children? I have a video where my child is clearly factually manipulated to say words put in her mouth. What is the objective of the Star to print this joke? Who closes cases in Malaysia? Doesn’t a Judge make a ruling? Is the Star ‘Licensed’ to dig up any old report and put it on the Front cover? Do you know how irresponsible that is to those who are innocent?

“This woke her up and when she told her father that this made her uncomfortable, he told her to keep it a secret” –

This is an atrocious continuation of a piece of fiction. Did you talk to my daughters? No. The real doctors did. 3 times over 4 years. No, there is no Stockholm Syndrome, I don’t need to manipulate anyone. I offered to help the mother with her relationship with the children but was ignored. Do you know how traumatized my children have been? How much we have tried to have a normal life and enjoy a Holliday or even a school trip without there being some issue? I do not have ‘secrets’ with my children. I respect them as people and even if they wanted to stay with their mother, I would respect that. I did not fight for their rights and freedoms just so I could take it away from them. I respect their freedom, even if it means them moving away. Their happiness is the most important thing to me and I am not totalitarian or narrow minded. So why is the Star compounding this singular message again, when real doctors and Psychotherapists did real work. Did your ‘research’ include these Doctors? Or did you use Google? Let’s call this ‘Act 7’ – Blatant disregard for IQ.

“In September 2015, the ex-wife lodged another police report at the Pantai police station.

According to this police report, a copy of which The Star has seen, the younger daughter had complained of abdominal pain and nausea to a nurse at
The nurse then brought the child to Pantai Hospital for a medical examination, and the doctor there referred the case to the University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) for further tests.”

This one is shocking!

The Star has ‘SEEN’ it? Did they forget to ‘READ’ it? This is factually inaccurate, omitting, details, – serious details. Why?

– This is all from documented evidence with the School, the hospitals and the Pediatrician, Malaysia’s best one in the country. Here are actual FACTS:

1 The school nurse emailed me to say that my youngest daughter had abdominal Pain. I am the primary caregiver.

2 I, as in myself, asked my staff to bring her to Pantai Hospital after the mother was AWOL for 2 months. I told her that I would see them there as I was in the middle of a meeting in Klia. – So NO. The nurse did NOT bring my daughter to Pantai. This is false. What is the Star up to with these untrue statements? ‘Act 8’- illiterate, ignorant.

3 I then sent a message to my Ex, informing her that my daughter was unwell if she wanted to see her at Pantai. Why? Because I respect the rights of her mother to be informed if our child is sick.

4 My ex – herself, then went to Pantai first, asked my staff to leave the room and spoke with the Doctors. Bizarrely she had my daughter discharged without my knowledge. Maybe she was concerned that Pantai was not up to caring for my daughter. – Did the Star not know of this? It was in my Police report. Or are we only reading reports from a single party? Is that balanced journalism? – ‘Act 9’

5 She then moved my daughter to UMMC and told my staff not to tell me where she was. ‘Act 10’ – Pantai, private hospital referral to government hospital? She was taken there by my ex.

6 I eventually found out and I was livid. I went to UM, spoke to the Docs – My daughter had been investigated and had things prodded and god knows what. The docs told me what my ex alleged and there were even police guards outside the room but they could not stop me from getting her the hell out of there. It was discovered that she had a UTI, urinary tract infection in the end, but the psychological damage was done. She was only 8 for God’s sakes.

Why the hell does your “get it right” reporting omit that the top Pediatrician in Malaysia told us the facts, concluded that it was a UTI, ie – NOT whatever you pervs hoped, yet you can dare to make a claim with half a story and omit the final medical conclusion? ‘Act 11’. – No UTI mentioned.

“The UMMC team advised the mother to lodge the police report as they suspected the child had been molested by an “unknown person”

This is seriously appalling – ‘Act 12’. So the Star just writes any old thing or literally makes shit up on the front page. – One of the most severely distressing pieces of ‘research’ claims I have ever seen. You are extremely Irresponsible and reckless. This is not Game of Thrones play day and I suggest your management get counseling from the author of ‘The Universe is like a Japanese Porn Star’ (who may be the only one who can save your souls now) and leave my kids alone because your have clearly lost the plot and have dragged others into your sick garbage. I will be formally asking for this ‘evidence’ of UMMC ‘advising’ to lodge this report, and ‘Who’ exactly suspected this ‘molestation’ by an unknown person.

You see, I happen to have this: A Discharge Summary: Which states the reason for admission is that “Mother expressed concerns that child may have been sexually abused”. However, “Child did not make any disclosure”.
You are bloody disgusting.

“In 2017, the mother lodged another report after her younger daughter allegedly told her that their father had molested her and her elder sister at various locations, including at his home.”

Does the Star make a habit of publishing police reports which have been investigated with no further action because they think JKM or PDRM don’t do their job? There are a lot of ‘allegedly’ words here. So why don’t you print some of my police reports? Are you ‘allegedly’ trying to destroy innocent people? Allegedly reckless. What is your purpose Star front page? ‘Act 13’ – Police reports from only 1 party is enough?

My kids have been subjected to brainwashing, put in a chair and told repeatedly “Daddy is a bad man, he touched you…etc.”. I never claimed to be father of the year, but I love my kids more than anything in the world. And no, not in you sick fetish way you pricks. What has possessed you to get it this wrong? I mean, this is ridiculous.

“The mother also lodged a police report last November after her son allegedly told her that he had been forced to sleep in the nude beside his father”

Act 14 – FALSE. I actually have to FORCE Jack to put clothes ON for goodness sake and he returns farts in my face and dances on the balcony naked too. Does that make the front page too?

What is really disgusting is how you gloat and boast and claim that you were so ‘careful’ to ‘get it right’, yet you don’t even know that the IPO expired in 2017. It lasted only 1 week! That is ‘Act 15’ – let’s call it, clueless. There was no action in it because my ex and her new hubby were having their wedding at the time. If they were so concerned that the children, (who I sent to attend the wedding by the way) were being molested, then surely they would have executed the IPO. I guess the wedding was more important than the ‘allegedly sexually abused’ children eh? If you ‘researched’ with logic and common sense, which you obviously possess none of, you would have realized this peculiarity. Then again I can’t blame you because you think a 2017 IPO ran out this year.

You know, for a moment I thought this actually could have been one big ‘Gotcha’, because it is so scathing and your championing of yourselves as ‘Journalists’ who did ‘research’, is so embarrassingly comical in the face of the destruction of real lives, that I am in utter disbelief at your ego polishing.

Look at your irresponsible remarks. So this is a 2-pronged attack? “Long consultations”? “Emotive passages removed”? You didn’t even state why I happened to trespass! Ie – the literal abduction and kidnapping of my son! Why? Has the Star got some personal agenda against me and my family? Or against printing facts?

This is indescribable. I’ve never seen such a thing. – It’s not just 1 or 2 ‘little things’ you got wrong guys, capped by your self gloating and boasting about your ‘scoop’.. This is not the school playground. What the hell are you doing? What is the purpose of the Star’s assault here? I want answers and demand accountability. Not irresponsible burping of what you believe is Newsworthy.

You saw a video? I saw a video too. Why were there not arrests then? Are you one of the people who believe that the quantity of police reports made correlates to some form of factual proof? Better than the quality of a single report? Are you implying that a) PDRM/JKM we’re closed? Or b) Someone paid someone off? Like the last reporter? Or c) Previous cases and prior investigations have not been conducted properly by the Royal Police, Inspectors, Magistrates and Judges? Is that where you take it upon yourselves to recklessly spin to sell?

How can the Star be so unjust, uninformed and unfair to report such a thing which can influence or incite stupid actions. I make no claim to being perfect, but do you know that I am actually really very genuinely innocent of your violently scathing claims? I keep to myself but I will stand up against bullies and will protect my children from such recklessness no matter who the hell you think you are.

Clearly the Star do not know what a Police report is. Or what Human Rights Violations are. Or what happens when you make the biggest front-page screw up in publishing history. You have my attention and I am going to bring justice to you because my kids have been bombarded by strangers on social media in the hundreds while you keep up your self-praise and repulsive gloating. Reading your post is horrific. You should be arrested for your stupidity and risking the lives and tormenting us with your bullshit.

I am not a great journalist like you think you are. What I have listed are FACTS, they are corroborated by agencies, Police, Child Welfare Services, etc. These are all documented historically and true. They have gone through real professionals, ie grown-ups.

The Star went big on the front page! I applaud risk taking, but not the way lemmings take risks. You think it was daring and bold but unfortunately it was also untrue. So pat yourselves on your back for endangering my family and abusing the trust placed in you to report the TRUTH. Your ego put the jobs of so many people at risk. My mother’s blood pressure has been off the charts and she has been crying for days, because of your stupidity and ‘fake news’. – I never thought I’d be this close to agreeing with Donald Trump.

I am angry. When I’m angry I write long articles. So I am pretty pissed with your diabolical and destructive reporting causing extreme trauma on myself and my family by you sick and twisted people. Do you think everyone is stupid? Your editor, legal team, Directors of your board, your CEO, Shareholders and any affiliates and bloggers who propagate your absolute disgrace to the profession of Journalism will each answer according to the Laws of our country, with a severity the likes of which I will dedicate my attention to change Journalism so that no one else will ever have to endure such horrifying attacks with intent to destroy innocent lives ever again.

Do not forget how this began in that this is about my missing son! Vital information you ignored and purposely omitted. My son is only 9 years old, and I have not seen or spoken to him or held him or played fortnight with him or laughed with him for over 7 months. His sisters miss him and we love him. I will not fail my kids.

I am a father and I hold you accountable for your irresponsible actions and am ready to break the wheel.

You have my attention.

Jason Lo

Lo was born in Kuching, Sarawak, to a Chinese father and Irish mother. He was educated in Singapore and the United Kingdom. He graduated from the University of Hull with a BSc in Accounting, and then did an MBA in Finance at Webster Graduate School in London, before returning to Malaysia to pursue a career in the music industry.

Music career[edit]

In 1996, Lo recorded a ten-track demo in England with his band ‘Sunday Man’. In 1997, he recorded another ten-track album with his renamed band ‘Drop Circle’. In 1998, the band went their separate ways and Lo returned to Malaysia. His first Malaysian album, the self-financed Days Without Dawn, was released in Malaysia at the end of 1999. Since then, he has released two further albums – Firefighter (2002) and The Fall (2005).

Lo was the first Southeast Asian artist to reach the top 3 on Pepsi Top 20 international chart. His songs ‘Evening News’ and ‘So Julie’ were No. 1 on the Malaysian Top 10 for 7 and 5 weeks respectively. ‘Evening News’ was also included as a pre-loaded track on Creative Labs’ original Creative NOMAD Jukebox for release in the US Lo’s music videos have had regional airplay on both MTV Asia and Channel V. He has been a winner of the Asian People’s Choice Award for Much Music Asia, and at the Malaysian MTV Music Video Awards. He has been nominated for six AIM Awards (local Malaysian music awards), and for MTV Viewers’ Choice Awards. He has headlined live events in Malaysia, and also been an opening act for top international touring bands including Deep PurpleGood Charlotte and Big Country.

Lo is also the CEO of his own record label and event promotion company, Fat Boys Records. He has produced albums for Malaysian bands including Disagree and SingleTrackMind, and organised a series of successful concerts called ‘Rock the World’, which showcased Malaysian talent.

Lo has also worked as a DJ at the Malaysian radio station hitz.fm, and been a TV talk show host on the show Latte@8 on 8TV in 2004.


In 2006, Lo teamed-up with the Malaysian politician Khairy Jamaluddin (who he attended high school with in Singapore at the United World College of South East Asia) to produce the reality TV show MyTeam. The show, which was televised on TV3, brought together a squad of unknown soccer players selected at trials held around Malaysia to form a team to take on the Malaysian national football team in an exhibition match. The event drew much publicity, and MyTeam put up a creditable performance in losing 2–1 against the national side. MyTeam were invited to enter the Malaysian Premier League in 2007. The team merged with an existing club, Perak UPB FC, to form UPB-MyTeam FC, at which Khairy Jamaluddin became the President and Lo the Deputy President. After finishing runners-up in the Premier League in 2007, the club was promoted to the Malaysian Super League for the 2008 season. A second season of the show, MyTeam2, was broadcast in 2007.


In December 2007, Lo was appointed the chief executive officer of Tune Talk, a no-frills mobile virtual network operator, owned by Tune Ventures Sdn Bhd, in which AirAsia Group Chief Executive Tony Fernandes holds a 40% stake.[1][2] He was later replaced by Ameen Amaedran Abdullah on 12 January 2018.[3]

Awards & accolades[edit]

  • Sarawak Youth Icon and Sports Award 2011[5]
    • Youth Icon – Entrepreneurship


26 May 2019



9 November 2017

Jason Lo denies being arrested in Dubai for drug possession

KUALA LUMPUR (Nov 9): Tune Talk chief executive officer Jason Lo has denied media reports that he was detained in Dubai recently for possession of drugs.In a statement to theedgemarkets.com, Jason said he was sent to the police lock up because he tried to help his friend who attempted to break up a fight and he had grappled with a man who turned out to be an undercover cop.

His statement read: “Here’s the story in case you didn’t know. I landed in Dubai, at the airport my friend tries to stop a fight. Then he gets hit and I jump the guy who turns out to be an undercover cop. I go to lock up and this guy stalls his statement for weeks. It was horrible. Not as horrible as coming out and hearing rumours of being locked up for every other reason under the sun.”

A Malay tabloid had reported that the chief executive officer of a Malaysian telco was arrested in Dubai International Airport on Sept 18 after the authorities found drugs hidden in his luggage.

“He was arrested by the UAE authorities on Sept 18 as soon as the flight he was in from Amsterdam touched down.

“He was then detained for two weeks at the airport’s detention centre for further investigation,” the Malay daily quoted a source as saying.

“After two weeks, the CEO was transferred to the Al-Aweer central prison to carry out his sentence,” the source added.

The Malay daily said he was later released and he flew back to Malaysia on Tuesday.


Jason LoVerified account


Rock Musician, founder of MIMMA, MISIM, Director of Tune Talk (formerly CEO 10yrs) VP Paralympic Council, Rock The World, love Chelsea and believe in people.

Jason Lo hits back at netizens accusing him of being anti-Muslim


PETALING JAYA: Local artiste Jason Lo (pic) hits back at netizens accusing him of being anti-Muslim, after he suggested that religion be removed from the Malaysian identity card (IC).

Revealing that he was Muslim himself, he said he made the suggestion because religious identification on IC’s were polarising Malaysians, referring to the Hindu wedding raided by religious authorities recently.

“It’s time to #removeislamfromIC. Who agrees?” he tweeted on Sunday, prompting Twitter users to question his intentions.

“I wonder who is actually behind this very persistent anti-Muslim of yours? You are not personal, you just hate Muslims,” Twitter user @irwanminhat said.

Lo hit back by saying: “Dear @irwanmihat Your statement is both racist and naive and shows your insecurity. Do you know why? I am a Muslim. Surprised?”

Asked why he would suggest such a notion, he said: “Because religion should be a choice. A Hindu wedding was raided because of this issue. It’s polarising.”

He also defended his suggestion by telling his followers that he did not need an authority to tell him how to run his relationship with God.

Lo’s idea received its fair share of support, with some netizens agreeing that all forms of racial and religious tagging should be removed from identification documents.

“@jasonlo1 should take it beyond that and remove all racial and religion “tagging” from all forms,” @JonKnowz said in reply.

“@jasonlo1 seems to be getting a lot of bashing from an honest suggestion for a more unified Malaysia. Shows how narrow-minded we are,” said @issuesv, whose reply was retweeted by Lo.

Twitter user @thehafiznasir also voiced his support for the move, saying that it would not make anyone less of a Muslim.

Following the barrage of criticism, Lo later tweeted:

“Ok. The fact that there is so much anger at this suggestion shows me that we are not ready to engage in intellectual dialogue.”

Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2014/06/10/jason-lo-netizen-antimuslim/#OoOsDJZQb4ZDWfS7.99

17 May 2019







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