The day Hishamuddin Hussein’s Twitter a/c was hacked…


3 January 2019




PETALING JAYA: Social media was abuzz after an Umno lawmaker shocked his followers on Wednesday (Jan 2) by “liking” a pornography post with explicit content on his Twitter.

Former Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein’s erotic faux pas appeared in the afternoon featuring an uncensored video of a scantily dressed Caucasian woman in front of a kitchen sink.

The title of the post read, ******* the stepmother with force.

Soon after the like status update was up, several followers have been tweeting Hishammuddin with screen shots of the explicit content, demanding explanations.

”Please explain (to) us,” said user @nurrrzuqmi.

Another user @mvtthvmzvh said at that ”somebody from your social media team will get hurt real bad”.

When contacted Thursday (Jan 3), the Sembrong MP said that his Twitter account was apparently compromised.

”Hacked. My boys are on it,” he said briefly in a WhatsApp message reply, complete with three laughing-out-loud emoticons.

”At least I am still relevant,” added Hishammuddin, who is on a family vacation overseas.

It is learnt that the former defence minister has a team of staff managing his social media platforms.

The explicit content has since been removed from Hishammuddin’s Twitter feeds and a check on the original handler that posted the vulgar post found that the account no longer exists.







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