Our heavy vehicles: Who will they kill next? (2)

8 December 2018



MELAKA: Tailgating at speeds of 120km an hour, heavy vehicles are “terrorising” car drivers along the North-South expressway during the wee hours of the morning.

Following numerous complaints, The Star staked out heavy vehicles, especially trailers, plying the expressway.

We found that on three occasions, between 2.40am to 6.15am and covering stretches from the Senawang toll plaza in Negri Sembilan to the Bemban lay-by in Jasin here, heavy vehicles were posing risks to other road users.

Trailers, some laden with goods to the brim, and express buses were speeding above the permitted limit, most up to 120km an hour.

Under traffic laws, the speed limit for trailers and lorries is 80kph and for express buses it is 90kph along the expressway.

The reckless driving were more rampant on the expressway’s south-bound, especially by transporters heading towards Singapore.

The Star could not capture the images of the speeding vehicles.

“They were driving faster than we were. It was a very scary experience,” said stringer Micheal Ching, adding they overtook the cars in a zig-zag patten.

Heavy vehicles were also parked haphazardly along the exit from the Ayer Keroh rest and recreational area (south-bound), the Ayer Keroh toll plaza and the Bemban lay-by.

At least a dozen trailers were spotted parked along the shoulder of the expressway between 4am to 6am, posing a risk to other motorists attempting to exit the rest areas into the toll plaza.

Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/12/08/heavy-vehicles-driving-others-mad-on-highway/#tgqru4QbStoxwRjl.99

7 December 2018


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