The MCA Youth Chief can dream on…

Who is Nicole Wong, the new MCA Youth chief?

Back in 2013


1 December 2018


A party that resorts to partial truths and distortion will continue to fail…

MCA AGM shows a backdrop of Guan Eng with caption “I’m not Chinese”, while conveniently ignoring the fact that he continued with “I’m Malaysian”. This is why that party will be forever in denial that they are already irrelevant.


MCA Youth has vowed to formulate better economic policies than those put forward by Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng.

Towards this, newly minted MCA Youth chief Nicole Wong said she would set up a new committee to come out with such recommendations, which in turn will help the people make more money.

“To govern a country, it is important to let people make their fortunes… so, (strengthening) businesses is one of the ways,” she said when delivering her speech at MCA Youth’s annual general assembly today.

Wong said MCA, whose members largely comprise the middle class and those from the business community, is able to provide constructive views on the country’s economy.

“The Malay and Indian communities acknowledge the Chinese community’s ability to do business and make money. As a Chinese-based community, we have lots of talent.

“We believe that MCA has the ability to come up with better ideas than Lim. The people can make huge fortunes and (MCA) will again win the support (of the people),” she said.

“Isn’t this another way for us to transform the party ?” she asked, adding that the new committee will place particular focus on youth.


In what appeared to be a soul-searching speech, new MCA Youth chief Nicole Wong today urged her party to be prepared to take to the streets.

“Although we are a rightist party, a new era now requires us to move to the centre and rectify ourselves.

“We have become a party which only knows about organising activities when we were part of the administration. We have lost the ability to organise social movements and the ability to provide discourse,” she said.

Wong was speaking to delegates at MCA Youth annual general assembly in Kuala Lumpur today.

“Today, we need to look for the value of us being a party, so it is inevitable that we will have to go to the streets,” she said, adding MCA Youth will be setting up a social movement bureau for this purpose.

“(MCA Youth) will cooperate with friendly activists, and (we will) exchange views and learn from each other. More importantly, we can march on the streets together,” she said.

This is the first meeting of MCA Youth delegates since the 69-year-old party became the opposition after sustaining heavy losses in the May 9 general election.


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