UMNO continues its tradition of violent demonstrations: Najib supporters heckle Attorney General (AG) Tommy Thomas…

12 July 2018






4 July 2018






AG cancels press conference after Najib supporters crash event, demand he use BM

KUALA LUMPUR, July 4 — Attorney General (AG) Tommy Thomas cancelled a scheduled press conference on Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s trial after the latter’s supporters became aggressive in the vicinity.

The group began berating Thomas as he approached the lobby of the Kuala Lumpur Courts Complex where the press conference had been arranged, denouncing him for conducting the court proceedings in English earlier.

Guna Bahasa Malaysia! (Use Bahasa Malaysia!)” the cries came at first, before rising to a crescendo of shouts.

Thomas earlier sought the court’s permission to proceed with the former PM’s prosecution in English.

The crowd mocked him repeatedly, with some questioning his citizenship for not being fluent in BM.

Thomas stood and smiled as he waited for the crowd to settle down, but walked away when it became apparent that they were becoming increasingly agitated.

Actress Ellie Suriaty Omar, believed to be the instigator of the chants, then had her MyKad taken by police personnel who were attempting to calm the group.

Thomas called later for another press conference, this time on an upper floor free of the former PM’s supporters.

The crowd moved outside the lobby when police escorted some of the more hostile protesters outside, where the shouting and jostling continued.



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