The FACE of BN Propaganda against the Penang of PH: Back to obscurity…

Who is she?
If BN had won, she would have been celebrated but as it is, she has returned to obscurity…

Social media users pan ‘Penang woes’ video as propaganda flop

Looi Sue-Chern

Many accuse BN of being behind clip of woman complaining about life in Penang.


  • The video of a very extreme low tier production without any meaningful message. A lady who dress nice holding an executive post and able to afford a car to drive around sure do not tell a story. A video depicting the PM UmnoBn in a sensless attacking plot but only a self defeating actions to hasten and culminating in their party demise. It is a production from their lap dogs party. Well we know who. The video is made in bad tatse with a disgrace to the Chinese race and trying to ridicule the 5000 years of cultural practises where patience and hard work in building up resilence to weather a storm and succeed in life. Totally out of wack and not in line with the race. A moronic and retarding effort

    Posted 4 months ago by Lee Lee

  • Maybe we should create a fund to trace this Dedak Lady just to feed and serve her Animal Food. Since she claimed to be from Penang

    Posted 4 months ago by Jay Jay

  • First place to serch for her can be “Red Light” Hotels. Last place to look for her can be Lorong Garu.

    Posted 4 months ago by Jay Jay

  • It was idiotic but dismissing it misses the point, it’s fake news by those writing fake news law to govern us. The whole thing is EVIL, MALICIOUS, FULL OF VENOM. UMNO/BN has no moral authority to write fake news law AND they will.

    Posted 4 months ago by Bigjoe Lam

  • They should produced a video depicting Najib kowtowing,kneeing to Penangites,maybe that will cool off those stubborn Penangites

    Posted 4 months ago by Leslie Chan

I wonder how much she gets for acting for this vedio? Remember, we have to be fully responsible for our own act and accept whatever return in fate that will come later. I am not from Penang but was there briefly recently. I can still enjoy a plate of noddle under RM5 in a most popular tourist spot! Can I get this in the KL? I think not even at the isolated spot! I learnt a wage earner of RM3500 a month cannot survive in KL. Whose cost of living is at skyhigh? I also learnt that the best place to retire is in PENANG!

Feb 26

Replying to

Najib created “Penang, would you hear my story?” just to tukar the mindsets in Png? Hello sir? Are you still in ur own little wonderland? Real slaps will wake us up, not dream slaps duh. Fortunately for Najib, Penangist aren’t stupid. If not, Penang would’ve long been ruled by BN

Feb 26

Replying to

YouTube: Penang, would you hear my story? Yes I have heard, all of your problems lie with your Government of Malaysia, not of a State. Water bill in Penang hasn’t increased yet, unfortunately. The video is so obvious dat Najib is very desperate to capture Penang with lies 🙂

26 February 2018


Penang video – some truth, more BN propaganda, say critics

Published on  |  Modified on

Debate on the viral anti-DAP government video titled “Penang, would you hear my story?”continues to rage, with civil society leaders saying that while the content has some truth, the clip is merely a BN propaganda tool, lacking in solutions.

In a nutshell, the 3.16 minute clip uploaded on Youtube and the Friends of BN Facebook, features an unnamed woman decrying her disillusionment with the Penang government due to the high cost of living, expensive homes, hikes in quit rent and water cost, poor economic state, decreasing jobs, illegal factories and land reclamation that purportedly caused 20 floods in 2017.

 ‘Slick PR’

Popular blogger Anil Netto said while the mainstream media are accepting the video contents at face value, the storyboard bears all the hallmarks of sophisticated public relations and political strategy.

“The sort well-paid consultants could come up with,” said Netto in his blog.

He noted the premise of the video is “clever” as it starts off with a conveniently unnamed woman who claims to be a Bersih supporter, which most can identify with.

However, there was a major giveaway when the woman said it was the federal government who had “rescued” Penang from the major floods of last Nov 4 and 5, which displaced thousands and killed seven.

That’s an Umno narrative,” Netto pointed out, adding this appears to be the first salvo in the pre-GE social media propaganda war.

“Verdict: Slick production, raises some valid points, the anonymous source adds to the realism, but in the end, thinly disguised political agenda, doesn’t take a genius to figure out whose political interest it serves,” said the independent journalist.

zzz ppp.JPG

Video clip of woman’s emotional plea to Penang govt surfaces on social media

  • Nation
  • Thursday, 22 Feb 2018


PETALING JAYA: A video about a woman’s emotional plea to the Penang government is making its round on social media.

The 3.16min video in Mandarin with English subtitles starts off with a woman in her late 20s asking: “Penang, would you hear my story?”

The woman, a senior executive, questioned whether she had made the right decision in voting for the Opposition during the last two general elections.

“I believed I was making a difference,” she says in the video.

She also laments the rising cost of living, over-development, frequent flooding, illegal factories and the undersea tunnel controversy.

“You ignored the mainland and focused mainly on the island,” she says, calling the state government unfair.

The woman adds that despite being in her late 20s, she is unable to provide for her mother and wonders whether it is her fault for not working hard enough.

Looking back at headlines of controversies in Penang over the past year, she asks herself what has gone wrong.

“Have I not voted? Did I make the wrong decision?” she says.

“You may think that the Penang people are well off, but the truth is most of us are not,” she says at the end of the video.

It is uncertain when the video was taken or who filmed it.


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