Namewee is warned about his CNY video, Like A Dog. No video here.

17 February 2018

I did not insult any religion or race in music video, says Namewee


CONTROVERSIAL rapper Namewee has denied insulting Islam in his latest music video, Like a Dog, which was released to coincide with the Chinese New Year celebration.

The rapper said the music video only served entertainment purposes, and that he had no intention of disrespecting any religion or race.

“Previously, I released a rooster-themed song for Chinese New Year and other songs that contained humorous elements to celebrate Chinese New Year.

“It was never my intention to insult any religion or race,” he said in a video posted on his Facebook and YouTube accounts today in response to Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s comments yesterday.

In the video, Namewee sings that dogs in different countries have different barks, and that while American dogs go “woof woof” and Indonesian dogs go “bow wow”, Malaysian dogs go “mari mari wang wang (come come money money)”.

He is accompanied by background dancers in dog masks who move provocatively and scatter money to the beat of the music.
In his defence, Namewee said the music video was shot by the side of a main road in Putrajaya.

“The scene that was featured in the music video was shot by a main road in Putrajaya.

“The building in the background, which is within 1km, is the prime minister’s office,” he said, adding that no places of worship were featured in the video.

He also said there were many productions, including international films, that featured Malaysia’s administrative capital.

Namewee, whose real name is Wee Peng Chee, urged the media not to report such fake news as it could cause confusion among the public and to stop accusing him of insulting religions.

“I want the media that report inaccurate news to explain the truth to the public.

He also denied that he represented, was controlled by or is involved with any political party.

“If there is any comment made by me that is political, it is just my own opinion as a Malaysian citizen.” – February 17, 2018.

No video here.


29m29 minutes ago




DPM reminds musician Namewee to not cross the line following latest latest dog-themed CNY video


PUTRAJAYA, Feb 15 — Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi today reminded controversial rapper Namewee to not cross the limits following his his latest dog-themed Chinese New Year music video.

In the video shot in Putrajaya, Namewee is seen sitting, while surrounded by back-up dancers donning dog masks,pretending to engage in sexually explicit acts.

The video is shot against the backdrop of the Perdana Putra Building, where the Prime Minister’s office is located.

“The person has escaped from many (lawful) actions before.

“This is not a warning. I just want to say that actions will be taken, because when that person managed to escape the law previously, it does not mean that person can escape forever,” Zahid said, referring to Namewee.

Zahid also expressed worry that “lone wolves” or any individual organisations might take laws into their own hands, in reacting to provocative actions.

“Don’t blame others then, because it is that person who asked for it, upon himself,” he added.


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