Lando Zawawi and the Ikatan Silaturahim Brotherhood, pothole fixers of Kuala Lumpur…

Lando Zawawi and the Ikatan Silaturahim Brotherhood were the people told by the Kuala Lumpur Mayor to leave his potholes alone.

Furious Kuala Lumpur Mayor says, “How dare you fill up OUR potholes!”


3 April 2017

2h2 hours ago

Motorcycle club offers legal aid for pothole victims seeking justice (VIDEO)

By Nabihah Hamid


SUNGAI BULOH, April 3 — As a biker, Lando Zawawi is familiar with tales of deaths from road accidents. Which was why his motorcycle club Ikatan Silaturahim Brotherhood started volunteering to fix potholes that pose danger to fellow bikers.

Having made a name for themselves, Lando and his club members are ready to take the next step: suing local councils for their alleged negligence that led to nuisances such as potholes and sunken roads. And they are offering a hand to others who find themselves victims.

“With so many fatal accidents, we have taken the approach to perk up our work. We take a more drastic approach, by appointing lawyers,” Lando told ProjekMMO, the sister publication of Malay Mail Online, in a recent interview.

“Our lawyer will initiate legal suits, not just against JKR, but against the local councils,” he added, using the Malay initials for the Public Works Department.

“With lawyers, we have discussed it last week and will start as soon as possible. Perhaps we will take some time with them, and we research the appropriate laws,” the 42-year-old man said.

He explained that they must familiarise themselves with the laws to have an airtight legal case that will succeed in court.

Lando, whose real name is Azlan Sani Zawawi, said regular Joes would find it harder if he tries to sue as an individual, but with the Brotherhood’s help, he can have access to reports and records of pothole cases nationwide.

The club also gives victims two options for the legal aid — free or paid.

“We give two options. For free, we will channel information and support reports in court. We will also suggest for them to get free legal service from certain legal foundations.

“Second, for those who can afford to appoint a lawyer, they can choose from our lawyers to fight seeking for justice,” he said, referring to their legal panel lead by renowned lawyer Zulkifli Awang.

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