Kuala Lumpur: Different Mayor, same old problem. Potholes!

Would anyone like to fill in the potholes in Ipoh? Please!


4 May 2017

Potholes along Jalan Aminuddin Baki, TTDI getting worse

THE long delay in fixing potholes along Jalan Aminuddin Baki in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, has residents worried.

Resident James Ng, 64, said Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) had the duty to take care of all ratepayers.

“DBKL has the moral duty to maintain the infrastructure, especially if its inaction will endanger taxpayers.

“Is DBKL waiting for an accident to happen and will it be responsible?” he asked.

Elaine Khoo, 40, pointed out that Jalan Aminuddin Baki was a busy road as there were many eateries, shops and banks located there.

“Motorists drive very slowly along this stretch to avoid damaging their vehicles and this slowdown causes congestion.


A Good Samaritan has filled a deep pothole with rocks to reduce impact to the car.

“The potholes have been around for at least four months and they are only getting worse,” she said.

Read more at http://www.thestar.com.my/metro/community/2017/05/04/potholes-along-jalan-aminuddin-baki-ttdi-getting-worse/#SWokHmkIbTKtwzXd.99

12 December 2014


Malay Mail Online

City Hall freezes new road projects by utility firms

By Ista Kyra Sharmugam
Published: December 12, 2014 07:00 AM

Utility companies are responsible for poor road works like this sunken manhole at Taman Sri Rampai. — Picture by Ahmad Zamzahuri

Utility companies are responsible for poor road works like this sunken manhole at Taman Sri Rampai — Picture by Ahmad Zamzahuri

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 12 — Utility companies will not be allowed to carry out new roadworks in the city for a month with immediate effect as City Hall seeks a solution to the mess created by them.

Mayor Datuk Seri Ahmad Phesal Talib said approval for new works had been frozen because many utility companies were responsible for creating road hazards when they failed to comply with City Hall’s regulations.

“Utility companies are leaving it to their contractors to clean up the mess whenever they upgrade or maintain their equipment beneath the roads,” he said in response to a Malay Mail report on Thursday about a sunken manhole in Taman Sri Rampai just a few metres away from a stretch of road recently resurfaced by City Hall.

“This is causing the road quality to suffer and we have decided to stop allowing them to carry on with new projects until we review their standard operating procedures to work on the roads,” Ahmad Phesal said.

He said applications that had been approved would be allowed to continue under controlled monitoring.

“If they do not complete the job satisfactorily, City Hall will hold on to their deposits.”

City Hall requires utility companies to pay a deposit of RM10,000 and RM270 per metre of road affected.



However, there is a catch.

Lando, “If the council still does not address the problem within three days, then my group will go ahead with our repair works.”

Malay Mail Online

Citizen roadpatchers to work with City Hall in fight against potholes

By Ista Kyra Sharmugam
Published: December 11, 2014 06:43 AM

Abdul Aziz points out the pothole in Taman Sri Rampai yesterday after being informed about it by Lando. — Picture by Ahmad ZamzahuriAbdul Aziz points out the pothole in Taman Sri Rampai yesterday after being informed about it by Lando. — Picture by Ahmad Zamzahuri

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 11 — Ikatan Silaturrahim Brotherhood leader Azlan Sani Zawawi will work hand-in-hand with City Hall to highlight unattended potholes and manholes that pose a danger to motorists.

The 40-year-old line producer, more commonly known as Lando, was added into an exclusive Whatsapp chat group with senior City Hall officials after meeting its civil engineering and drainage department senior deputy director Abdul Aziz Yusoff in Taman Sri Rampai yesterday.

The Whatsapp group, comprising individuals from telecommunications companies, utility agencies and City Hall officers, serves as a platform for the council to attend to complaints on manholes and potholes in the city.

“I am glad to be added into the group as it will enable me to forward pictures and complaints of unrepaired roads to City Hall,” Lando said.




FACT OF THE DAY: Amazingly, 59,353 Ford Focuses would fit inside the entire potholes in the UK.

Source: Top Gear

In Malaysia, a biker group, Silaturrahim Brotherhood decided to fill in potholes in KL by themselves to make the roads a safer place for motorists. READ HERE: http://bit.ly/patchpothole



GEORGE TOWN: The state government has repaired 30 roads in Air Itam.

Air Itam assemblyman Wong Hon Wai said the resurfacing and repair work, which started in June, cost RM681,000.

He said the work was carried out in four phases and was completed last week.

“The safety of motorcyclists is our main concern. Many roads in Air Itam were full of potholes and there have been many accidents involving motorcyclists because of the poor road condition.

“We are happy that we have completed the task of ensuring all roads in the area are safe to use,” he said after attending coring tests in Jalan Shaik Madar recently.



Adrian says:

Hahah, nice dose of sensationalism. I love how you take everything out of context for a few more hits on your little blog. Shameless.

I have a question for Adrian: Please show me and others just how I have taken “Everything out of context”?

By the way, it isn’t quite correct to say “for a few more hits on your little blog”.

This post Furious Kuala Lumpur Mayor says, “How dare you fill up OUR potholes!” has 7,000 hits in 2 days. What is this nit-picking about “a few more hits”, Adrian?

As for mine being a “little blog”, it’s relative, isn’t it, Adrian?

Mine is really a “little blog” as it has ONLY  2,170,441 hits for the 3 years and 3 months of its existence, unlike Scott Thong’s blog, Buuuuurrrrning Hot, which has 4,721,052 hits.

By the way, Scott Thong is my eldest son. In the world of blogging, our relationship is that of  “Like son, like father”. He started first, and he is my model. I’m proud to be his “junior” when it comes to blogging.

And don’t ever compare my teeny weeny pretence of a blog to Helenang, bless her, with  5,083,577 hits.

By the way, Adrian, do you blog?

“Those who can, blog; those who can’t, throw darts.” – Simon Thong


The mayor is not the only one with his foot in his mouth.

Read what this DAP man, Segambut MP Lim Lip Seng, said.

“Their actions could be construed as vandalism and they can be prosecuted.”


Watch OUR heroes repairing potholes…

Video: Lubang Tutup Lubang Jangan Banyak Sembang Sebelum Orang Tumbang…


U tak pandai buat, Orang lain buat, U pandai comment?

If does its job well, no volunteer is needed “Check with DBKL before fixing potholes, mayor tells volunteers






He has ordered Azlan Sani Zawawi and the Silaturrahim Brotherhood to immediately stop their voluntary work.

Basically, he doesn’t want to be shown in a bad light. If you fell because you rode over a pothole, so be it. If you’re dead, you’re dead. Just leave their potholes alone!

Silaturrahim Brotherhood conducted road repairs following a lack of response from local authorities.

The Rakyat Post

UPDATED: Dec 3, 2014 02:50pm

Disgruntled with state of some KL roads, bikers fix potholes themselves


Azlan Sani Zawawi, @ Lando. a spokesperson for a biker association called Silaturrahim Brotherhood, says potholes are not a small problem as they could prove fatal especially for motorcyclists.

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 2, 2014:

As the saying goes, sometimes when you want things done right, you need to do them yourself.

A biker association, called Silaturrahim Brotherhood, said if the damaged roads were not paved by Thursday, they would do it themselves.

A spokesman for the group, Azlan Sani Zawawi said potholes were not a small problem as they could be fatal, especially for motorcyclists.

In fact, he said, some of the concerned members of the club had themselves patched some potholes around the capital although this was the responsibility of local authorities.

“Our aim of paving the roads is not to take over the task of the local authorities, but because complaints made by road users, particularly motorcyclists, saw no immediate action being taken by the relevant authority.

“You are all paid, but the Brotherhood does the work for free and without funds, so do something before it’s too late,” said the man, who was often known as Lando, when called by The Rakyat Post today.



Check with DBKL before fixing potholes, mayor tells volunteers

The Mayor of Kuala Lumpur today asked a group of bikers, led by actor Azlan Sani Zawawi, who were going around repairing potholes in the city to refer with Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) before carrying out any voluntary repair works.

Datuk Seri Ahmad Phesal Talib (pic) said this was because the patching up of potholes is the sole responsibility of DBKL.

He said, in a statement, that it was not right for members of the public to carry out works that were under the local authority’s purview.

“This is DBKL’s responsibility and it needs to be referred directly to them,” Phesal said, responding to The Rakyat Post’s report last week on the bikers’ effort to repair potholes in Taman Sri Rampai, Wangsa Maju and Wangsa Melawati.


Free Malaysia Today

Good Samaritans get a telling off by KL mayor

December 8, 2014
A group of bikers who used their own funds to patch potholes along KL’s busiest roads are told to stop trying to do City Hall’s job.

In an earlier report on the same news portal, Azlan or Lando as he prefers to be called, explained he has lost two friends and an uncle after they crashed while avoiding road hazards.

Joined by his wife, Lando has spent close to RM20,000 to hire lorries and purchase gravel, tar and other equipment to level the roads.

He said, “I prefer to use my own money. It took some time to save up but I managed to gather the funds by selling T-shirts and merchandise from my business.”



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19 Responses to Kuala Lumpur: Different Mayor, same old problem. Potholes!

  1. sak mau buton says:

    woi..where got he said”“How dare you fill up OUR potholes!””.. dont spin la… lancau

  2. Dbkllembap says:

    Latukkk… Sebab DBKL LEMBAP la isu ini timbul…. tgk jalan kat Bangsar je dah cukup…. Lobang sana sini………. Taraf bandaraya konon jalan macam kena bom……….

  3. Adrian says:

    Hahah, nice dose of sensationalism. I love how you take everything out of context for a few more hits on your little blog. Shameless.

    • weehingthong says:

      Eat your heart out, Adrian. If it isn’t ENVY, it sure sounds a lot like it…

      • bob says:

        it doesn’t sound like envy to me but more like rational judgement. what you’re doing is falsely advertising what has been claimed to be stated by the mayor when under no facts it was mentioned that the potholes shouldn’t be filled up. i am quite disappointed as i wasted a few minutes of my life opening a link that held what it seems to be false interest as your title is deluding and far fetched. going to cheap tactics like insulting people who call you out on it doesn’t make you the better person either. learn how to take criticism once in awhile.

      • weehingthong says:

        Mine can’t be ‘falsely advertising’. I offered to sell nothing. My headline says exactly what my article intended to say, and if you don’t understand that a blogger often takes a certain slant, too bad for you. This is NOT a newspaper nor am I a reporter. I don’t have to pander to the needs of any reader. I have to be factually correctly and I will PUSH my slant regardless. If readers don’t like it, they don’t have to come back. If they want to slam me, fine.

        Indeed, if someone wants to slam me, they are allowed to. Your comment, for example, is here, approved, allowed for all my readers ro read for themselves.

        Helpful comments will be entertained. Negative comments will be entertained, and if they are right, accepted. But cheap shots will be answered.

        Yours is a cheap shot. You read but understand too little. To say that my title is deluding and far fetched shows this to be indeed the case.

        This is what you said, “what you’re doing is falsely advertising what has been claimed to be stated by the mayor when under no facts it was mentioned that the potholes shouldn’t be filled up.”

        Read carefully and comprehend. At no point did I say that the mayor say that the potholes should not be filled up. He said that it is the city council’s job to fill them up but if they were not filled up, other people should not fill them up. Do you see how poor your understanding is?

        I take criticism when it is deserved. Yours is undeserved. Yours is mud throwing. Read what you wrote and you will know that you did not resort to rational argument. Neither did the earlier commenter.

        Did you really waste a few minutes of your life? Did you feel that you have wasted a few more minutes of your life reading my comment on your comment? Surely, no waste is involved when you consider that my reply may make you a better person, or that it has helped you see the folly of what you wrote?

  4. kassindjia says:

    I’m almost 40. Yea i cant believe i just said that. Raised, schooled, working in KL, yea all those years til now.. I breathe this city. This city’s vein is in my vein. Weehingthong has every right to highlight his posts anyway he wants it. you can comment anyway you want as well. but that’s not the issue. the issue is, the silent majority has spoken through an action and it was a silent action but the impact is somewhat enlightening, somewhat engaging and somewhat thought-provoking. An eye-opener. Yet, just with many other issues, we love to celebrate rather than to maintain. keyword here is maintain not cure. cure is an one-off thing. but maintain is limitless and it could be forever. i fell off my bike when i was 21 on the way back home from school because the bike went into a big pothole. i had to change my car-parts constantly due to potholes. They said go through the right channel to file a complaint. so i did. potholes? they are everywhere to stay. i took public transportation since i was 7 years old. do not tell me shit about potholes. Potholes are here to stay! Leave the potholes alone. They are in line with the growth of this city. Let bikers fell off their bike and die. It’s just a minor incident for 30 mil population. Country’s going major by 2020. there is no time to look into potholes and conceal them. It’s a waste of time to lay tar on potholes. You better make potholes as w. c. that’s even better right. Then we all can shit in the potholes use as w. c. Hows that sound to you. We KLlites dont really mind of the potholes. We honor them. Silaturahim Brotherhood can do as they please but i am a true KLites and i will cherish potholes forever. The scars that i live with on my elbow marked the highest appreciation i have for the Potholes.

    • weehingthong says:

      Thanks, kassindjia, for your words. I find your insight, based on experience, encouraging.

      Potholes have given me punctures especially when on the way to work in my car. Had to apologise to the boss and luckily, he was forgiving. However, twice the damage was so bad that I had to pay for a new tyre, RM165 each time.

      I almost fell off when I hit various potholes when I was riding my motorbike (and at that time, I was 53.) My motor bike got punctured several times and I had to push it 2-3 km to the nearest repair shop.

      Some people don’t know how we ordinary blokes, the rakyat, suffer from the unconcern of bureaucrats.

      At the same time, some people who knows nothing about the situation come and **** on my blog.

  5. Joey Teo says:

    I wonder is it possible to sue the city council for breaching their contract with the people to provide adequate safe roads for users / motorist. in consideration, this is an act that has never been done before in Malaysia as most of us were brought up in a Monarch mindset where we the people are to take the council / govt as they are.

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  7. Anthony says:

    False advertising… lol What is Mr Thong selling!? When the public will go that far to fill-up the pothole themselves and the city council disagrees with the action (whether it be a safety issue or what not,) then we or as blogger, has every right to call it the way we see it or the way we interpret it! And the way I see it, is basically the city council says “don’t do our job! even if we are sleeping on it.” So what if this not the official statement from the city council, aint the sentiment the same?

    • weehingthong says:

      Nothing for sale. No adverts on this blog. Read what you want into what is written, or between the lines…Come if you want to, don’t come if you don’t want to. 🙂

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  12. HengHor says:

    With inefficient governance we need more of this form of Civil Society style of solving problems like Silaturrahim Brotherhood and PPIM. We still have these good samaritans to take care of the well being of members of society.

  13. Pingback: Hit a pothole and fell off? Lando Zawawi and the Ikatan Silaturahim Brotherhood will help you sue! | weehingthong

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