Death in Custody in Malaysia: The Figures don’t match!

6 June 2018

Dear – Hope your ministry can look into the shocking number of deaths in all places of detention.
PDRM: 2000-14 – 255 deaths,
Prisons: 2010-Feb 17 – 1654 deaths,
Immigration: 2015 – 82, 2016 – 35 deaths.

Majority of these deaths, authorities attributed to health.


Questionable how so many detainees can die due to ‘health’ reasons. In some cases, no reasons were even given.



Can you see the number of deaths attributed to ‘other illnesses’? How do people die of colon, liver, jaundice, ulcer, lung, throat complications? Why no timely medical treatment?



That a staggering number of detention deaths is routinely attributed to ‘health reasons’ is indicative of deeper problems. Cramped & unsanitary condition, lack of clean drinking water, food & healthcare.


Further there is a need to reform the post-mortem system as I’m sure you are aware of several controversial cases eg A. Kugan, Balamurugan, Karuna Nithi, C. Sugumar just to name a few.


It’s extremely important that pathologists are fully independent & trained to identify signs of non natural deaths. However in these cases, the pathologists have sought to exonerate the police of wrongdoings even though the evidence points to the contrary.


Pathologists are often misled by the police or fail to consider the suspicious circumstances of many deaths in custody, leading to reports that are unsatisfactory, thus leading to a trend of dissatisfied families seeking 2nd post mortem reports.


Which set is correct? Both were given by the same person.
(A) 2000-2016: 284 custodial deaths.
(B) 2010-2017: 1654 custodial deaths.


4 April 2017


‘Only two out of 284 custodial deaths due to injury by cops’

Only two out of 284 custodial death in the last 16 years were due to injuries inflicted by the police, claims the government.

According to the data provided, of the 284 custodial deaths between 2000 and 2016, 117 were Malays, 63 Indians, 53 Chinese, nine of other races and 36 were foreigners.

13 March 2017

The Statistics
Total: 1,654
1,037 Malays
222 ethnic Chinese
182 ethnic Indians
28 other ethnicities
185 foreigners

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