Maria ‘Bersih’ Chin Abdullah to Jamal ‘Red-Shirt’ Yunos and Tan Keng Liang (Liang Liang): Let’s fight corruption together

30 Red Shirts are at Sogo! #AntiMahathirRally #AntiBersih5 #NoFearOfConsequences #NoFearOfArrest

Bersih 5: To demand the removal of Najib as PM?

Tan Keng Liang, Gerakan Youth Chief: Asking to be whacked, so he gets whacked!

Tan Keng Liang, Gerakan Youth Chief, defends Najib: Gets whacked all over Twitter!

How could they bite the hand that feeds them?

25 July 2016

themmailonline: RT syahredzan: Tan Keng Liang ran a poll, and majority people agreed with having an ‘illegal stree…

Tan Keng Liang ran a poll, and majority people agreed with having an ‘illegal street rally’. Hahaha.


In reply to

does this idiot know how to count?? The last time was 3k only!!! Not wonder business lingkup

24 July 2016

Let’s fight corruption together, says Maria

July 24, 2016

Bersih leader asks Jamal and Keng Liang to talk about 1MDB issues instead of chaos and violence.


PETALING JAYA: Pro-reform group Bersih has extended the hand of friendship to its critic Gerakan Youth and rival rally chief Jamal Yunos to join in to pressure the government for institutional reforms and fight against corruption.

Bersih chairperson Maria Chin Abdullah said that the two groups, instead of giving in to threats of violence and fear, should show some leadership by raising concerns on the recent announcement of misappropriation of funds related to 1Malaysia Development Berhad.

“Both should know we are doing it for the nation. They should be on our side to save the nation, rather than threatening us or creating fear of chaos,” she told FMT.

Earlier today Gerakan Youth wing leader Tan Keng Liang had urged Bersih to “come to their senses” and hold rallies in a stadium to avoid chaos and violence as seen in 2012. He said opposition supporters should not place public safety at risk or disrupt the lives of Malaysians and to seek power through the general election.

Red Shirt rally organiser Jamal Yunos has said he will match the Bersih rallies, which are to call for the resignation of Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Chin pointed out Bersih had yet to decide on the date of a rally for this year. However, she hoped Gerakan would stop using the 2012 incident, when police were accused of attacking rally-goers, resulting in injuries.

“After that, Bersih has kept our end of the bargain for a peaceful assembly as seen in Bersih 4 in 2015 where attendees camped out for 36 hours at Dataran Merdeka. The police, too, did a superb job in maintaining peace,” she said.

She said Jamal, too, could organise rallies on the sidelines of other rallies but “just like other rallies it should be done in a peaceful manner” but accused him of intending to create fear.

Press Release: Bersih 5 Should Be Held In A Stadium


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