Is ‘Pantai Kasih’ suitable literature for Malaysian schools?

Time for a good laugh: Of Rafizi Ramli, his hand phone number, and sex services…


The novel ‘Pantai Kasih’ by Azmah Nordin revolves around the lives of wealthy doctors and nurses, and includes a scene where a doctor is described as “not being able to contain his desires”.

“Raiha became the victim of his rapacity. It was unplanned and without Raiha’s permission, that special genetic cell belonging to Dr Sadiz entered Raiha’s body.

“Dr Sadiz continued in his glee, completing an autopsy on Raiha’s body, trapped on the lift floor,” a translation of the excerpt of the Bahasa Malaysia novel reads.

1 February 2016

Writers urge MACC to probe steamy novel issue for corruption

Anne Muhammad

The National Writers’ Association (Pena) wants the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate the selection of the novel ‘Pantai Kasih’ as compulsory text for Form Four students.

Pena secretary-general Syed Mohd Zakir Syed Othman said the MACC should investigate the selection of the novel, which has since courted controversy over its steamy verses, because it initially did not make the cut.

20 January 2016

YOURSAY | ‘Pantai Kasih’ a far cry from ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’

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YOURSAY | ‘You can teach religion but you cannot teach intelligence.’

Pregnant teen shelter regrets ‘lewd’ Form 4 literature text

Doc: When I was in school, our literature material included reading ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.

This book was to install the readers with the knowledge that racism is wrong and people should fight against injustice; no matter the colour, race or religion.

Also the book’s perfect English was an important factor for the readers to appreciate the language.

The second book that was discussed in class was ‘Anne Frank’s diary’. This book educated the readers on the negative effects on racism, war and anti-Semitism. It also places importance on the human nature of ‘hope’.

I guess both these books would be banned in secondary schools today because:

1) Umno’s government is anti-Jews.

2) The English language level has deteriorated to the point that many students in secondary schools may not be able to get past the titles of these books.

3) BN and Umno live by the divide-and-rule policy of racism.

4) No sex involved.

These days ‘Pantai Kasih’ is standard reading material. No wonder, Malaysia has the worst education standard in Southeast Asia.

HaveAgreatDay: Petubuhan Kebajikan Darul Wardah (Darwa) chairperson Hazlina Abd Razak, do you only want to talk about the birds and the bees in Form 4 to the schoolchildren?

Darwa and Hazlina must be living in delusion to believe that hiding the facts of life from teenagers will prevent teenage pregnancies.

SSDhaliwal: You can teach religion but you cannot teach intelligence. Just imagine incorporating Macbeth as part of literature at school.

Shovelnose: I agree that sex education should be introduced in school but only to liberate and empower.

What this smutty, dime a dozen so-called literature does is more damaging and demeaning than making such discussion taboo as in the past.

That’s the problem with the education system, totally broken down and unable to discern what’s right or wrong.

It’s showing that the socio-cultural attitude of the day is to suppress and lord over, to condition the young minds to resist the pressure of carnal pleasure is the norm.

This is disgusting, not because of the topic of discussion, but the brutal instinct to control.

Anonymous_1388671118: The book looks like a rip-off of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, with a fake glitz. No wonder every teenager wants to be a doctor in Malaysia.

Prescribing this smut to kids must be another way for the BN government to dumb the citizens down even further.

19 January 2016

“Guru naikkan status Pantai Kasih dipanggil kementerian”

Pregnant teen shelter regrets ‘lewd’ Form 4 literature text

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A shelter for pregnant teenagers is unhappy with the selection of the novel ‘Pantai Kasih’ as compulsory reading for Form 4 students, claiming it has “lewd” content.

“We assist teenagers who fall pregnant out of wedlock at the Darul Wardah Selangor shelter and rehabilitation centre.

“We feel it is unreasonable that ‘Pantai Kasih’, which has lewd elements, is used as a secondary school textbook,” Petubuhan Kebajikan Darul Wardah (Darwa) chairperson Hazlina Abd Razak said.

Hazlina said the teens Darwa counsels say that they learn of sex at school from their peers or through watching pornographic videos on their mobile telephones at the back of the classroom, when the teacher is not in.

So having books that allude to sexual relations as part of the syllabus does not help, and should be retracted from the syllabus, she said.

“Education should set us on the right path. We urge the selection panel to be more careful and aware of their responsibilities,” Hazlina added.

However, Parent Action Group for Education (Page) chairperson Noor Azimah Abdul Rahim said such novels could be an effective way to educate teenagers about such issues.

Noor Azimah said teenagers today were already facing such situations in their own lives.

Introducing such novels would make it easier for teenagers to discuss such topics with their teachers and for teachers to educate them on this, she said.

“Such a novel is suitable because many at that age are falling in love,” Noor Azimah told Malaysiakini.

Similarly, teacher Faeiz Ali in a Facebook post lamented how ‘Pantai Kasih’ teaches little to young readers.

“There is a doctor who drives a Porsche, a doctor who drives a Volvo 960. A doctor who lives in a hotel-like condominium.

“A randy doctor who likes to flirt with nurses. A psychotic and arrogant doctor. A doctor who has mental illness and is delusional.

“A doctor in love with a doctor and a doctor in love with a nurse. Why is this even in our syllabus?” Faiez asked

Jan 14

Novel form 4 ‘pantai kasih‘ ni ada scene 50 shades of grey, masyaallah kpm

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Call me NOR Retweeted Huda Xynll

The way it was commented d novel 4 form 4 Pantai Kasih is seriously for 18SX: Somebody must be held accountable!

Malaysian education is getting stupider by the minute.

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FarrahPD Retweeted Huda Xynll

Didn’t know Mills and Boon were in the education system.

Just read the Pantai Kasih (new KOMSAsnovel learnt by Form 4 students) synopsis on FB. Seriously dah mcm Grey’s Anatomy hahaha 😂

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