Against Christianity: Bogus Ex-Priest, Bogus Ex-Nun


The Seminar Kalimah Allah & Kristologi Nusantara 6 May 2014

At the day-long seminar in its Shah Alam campus last week, UiTM had invited several Indonesian Muslims, academics and converts, to lecture on the use of the Arabic word for God, “Allah”, in the Malay archipelago and their interpretation on the life of Jesus Christ, whom Christians revere as God manifest on earth.


Malaysian Insider

Academics demand answers from UiTM over bogus priest, nun

May 19, 2014

Organisers of the controversial seminar on Christianisation at Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) must explain why they hired “bogus” speakers to bash another religion, scholars said today.

They also urged the police to take immediate action against the organisers for bringing in the “dubious” characters, which they said had strained interfaith ties in the country.

“It was bad enough for them to have organised this seminar without inviting the other party (Christian experts) to ensure a healthy debate,” said Dr Mujahid Yusof Rawa, a PAS lawmaker and member of the National Unity Consultative Council (NUCC), “but now we learn that the Bishops Conference of Indonesia has denied the two speakers were even a priest or a nun. So what was the actual aim of the organisers?

“They must explain why they brought these speakers to the seminar – perhaps they have information about the speakers that the Bishops Confederation of Indonesia does not. If they keep quiet, then I assume their motives are unclear, or even ill-intentioned,” said Mujahid.

Another “suspect” speaker at the seminar was Prof Dr Menehim Ali, who was was listed as “Pakar Kristologi Universitas Bandung” in UiTM’s souvenir programme.

A google search found no such university. What comes up instead is a list of universities in Bandung city itself.

Islamic activist and reformist Dr Chandra Muzaffar called for severe action to be taken against the organisers should they be found guilty of allowing the speakers to conduct the seminar under false pretences.

*Hajjah Irena Handono (Mantan Biarawati (Nun) Roman Khatolik)
*Tn. Hj. Insan L.S.Mokoginta (Mantan Kristian Roman Katholik)

THESE TWO PEOPLE WERE SPEAKERS AT the Seminar Kalimah Allah & Kristologi Nusantara 6 May 2014


Tn. Hj. Insan L.S.Mokoginta (Mantan Kristian Roman Katholik)


 L S Mokoginta is not a former Catholic priest who converted to Islam as he so proudly proclaimed. Yes, he is a Muslim but he was never a priest. Indonesian church authorities say that Mokongita was never a priest. And yet the man had the temerity to speak as a former man of the cloth and urge Christians to leave the religion.

Hajjah Irena Handono (Mantan Biarawati (Nun) Roman Khatolik)


Irena stayed a short time in a convent before leaving. Religious sisters and nuns often spend years in formation before they take their vows. After that, they teach in schools, work with the poor and underprivileged, or spend much time behind closed doors in prayer.

Staying in a convent for a short time and claiming to be a nun is akin to going to law school for a year and claiming to be able to practice as a lawyer.

Irena now makes a good living travelling the circuit as a Christian basher. Good luck to her on her vocation of choice but if you lie so brazenly about your background, it does say much about your integrity and suggests that somewhere along the way, you discarded the moral compass.


Names are highlighted by blogger are those of the so-called ex-priest and ex-nun.

May 5 · Edited


Akademi Pengajian Islam Kontemporari (ACIS) UiTM Shah Alam menjemput semua warga UiTM ke program Seminar Kalimah Allah & Kristologi Nusantara yang bakal diadakan pada hari Selasa 6 Mei 2014M bersamaan 6 Rejab 1435H, bermula jam 7.30 pagi sehingga jam 5.30 petang. Penyertaan adalah percuma & tempat terhad. Penceramah jemputan yang hebat daripada Indonesia & Malaysia antaranya :1) Tn Hj SM Masud (Pakar Perbandingan Agama Kristian-Islam)
2) Hajjah Irena Handono (Mantan Biarawati (Nun) Roman Khatolik)
3) Tn. Hj. Insan L.S.Mokoginta (Mantan Kristian Roman Katholik)
4) Prof Dr Menehim Ali (Pakar Kristologi Universitas Bandung)
5) Tuan Hj Abd Karim Omar (Setiausaha Agung, Pertubuhan Muafakat Sejahtera Masyarakat Malaysia)
Semua warga UITM dijemput untuk memeriahkan seminar ini, pendaftaran telah mencecah seramai lebih daripada 4500 orang peserta! Cepat, jangan ketinggalan!




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