The Fake Nun is back! To ‘explain’ Christianity? LOL

24 November 2017

University orders Christology talk posters removed


KOLEJ Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Selangor (Kuis) has instructed the organiser of the “Understanding Christology” seminar to take down its posters as it has not applied for a permit from the authorities, said Selangor exco Dr Ahmad Yunus Hairi.

The Islamic Religious Affairs exco said the organiser, Nur Fitrah, has to first obtain approval from the Selangor Islamic Religious Council (Mais) to hold the seminar.

“Until yesterday, there was no application from the organiser for the joint event with Kuis.

“Nur Fitrah must get the approval from Mais. I was also told the university has also instructed the organiser to take down the banners too ,” he told The Malaysian Insight.
This latest development came about after Nur Fitrah, in a Facebook post earlier today, said it has decided to omit the words “mantan rahib” (former nun) from promotional posters after criticism from the public.
Meanwhile, Kuis rector Prof Dr Abdul Halim Tamuri said the university was not involved as an organiser and had only rented the place for the programme.

“If the organiser fails to obtain approval, then the program can’t proceed,” he said, adding that the university is not one of the organisers.

Kuis is still in the process of checking whether Mais has approved the programme. – November 24, 2017.

23 November 2017


‘Fake’ nun Irene to speak in Malaysia again about Christianity



AN Indonesian religious speaker who was exposed as being a fake nun three years ago has been invited to speak in Malaysia again.

Posters featuring Irene Handono, who touted her credentials as a former Catholic nun in Indonesia in 2014, is slated to speak at the Kolej Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Selangor (KUIS) from December 9 to 10 on the topic “Understanding Christology” (Mengenali Kristologi). The poster and event are being circulated on social media.

The event, which charges RM30 for students and RM100 for the public, describes the Indonesian speaker as “Ibu Irene Handono – mantan rahib (former nun)”. Registration for the event ends on December 1.

According to a person who answered one of the phone numbers on the poster, they have been inundated with queries about the Irene’s status since yesterday.

“We have called Irene and we are in the midst of verifying with her whether she was a former Christian or a former nun

“Because there are people who told us she is not a nun as she was only studying then. We are discussing in our WhatsApp group on whether to change the poster or not,” said the person who asked not to be identified.

The person added that Irene had been invited to speak in Malaysia many times before this and this would be her second trip here this year.

In May 2014, Irene, also known as Irena, and another Indonesian, L.S. Mokoginta, sparked controversy when they spoke at a seminar organised by Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) on the “threat of Christianisation”.

Mokoginta reportedly said “every follower of Jesus should convert to Islam otherwise it would be a betrayal to Him”.

But a check with the Bishops Conference of Indonesia (BCI) by the now defunct news website, The Malaysian Insider, revealed that Irene’s claims that she was a former Catholic nun were untrue.

BCI executive secretary Father Edy Purwanto told the news site Irene did not complete her education and checks by the Indonesian church showed that Irena was only briefly with the Congregation of the Ursuline Sisters as a novice.

“She never completed. After that we don’t know where she ended up getting ‘educated’, to the point now where she is speaking at seminars belittling Christianity, especially the Catholic church,” Purwanto said in 2014.

Against Christianity: Bogus Ex-Priest, Bogus Ex-Nun

 L S Mokoginta is not a former Catholic priest who converted to Islam as he so proudly proclaimed. Yes, he is a Muslim but he was never a priest. Indonesian church authorities say that Mokongita was never a priest. And yet the man had the temerity to speak as a former man of the cloth and urge Christians to leave the religion.

Hajjah Irena Handono (Mantan Biarawati (Nun) Roman Khatolik)


Irena stayed a short time in a convent before leaving. Religious sisters and nuns often spend years in formation before they take their vows. After that, they teach in schools, work with the poor and underprivileged, or spend much time behind closed doors in prayer.

Staying in a convent for a short time and claiming to be a nun is akin to going to law school for a year and claiming to be able to practice as a lawyer.

Irena now makes a good living travelling the circuit as a Christian basher. Good luck to her on her vocation of choice but if you lie so brazenly about your background, it does say much about your integrity and suggests that somewhere along the way, you discarded the moral compass.

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