A Dark Reflection: Another MH370 Film!


A Dark Reflection


A Dark Reflection (2014)

110 min  –  Thriller

A journalist digs deep into the world of aviation and discovers some uncomfortable truths. And a conspiracy trail dating back to 1954. But why is no one saying anything?


Tristan Loraine


Tristan Loraine (screenplay), Vivienne Young (screenplay)

A Dark Reflection Promo Video

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Films inspired by MH370 touted at Cannes

May 19, 2014

A Dark Reflection and The Vanishing Act are two movies to be made on the mystery of the missing Malaysia Airlines.

CANNES: Two films inspired by the missing Malaysian Airlines’ flight MH370 are being touted to buyers at the Cannes Film Festival, barely two months after the plane vanished with 239 people on board.

Potential buyers will get a sneak preview of “A Dark Reflection” by Fact Not Fiction Films at a “screening” on Monday, according to a full page advertisement in industry trade journal The Hollywood Reporter.

“What Happened on Flight 313?” reads the advertisement which appeared on Sunday and shows a woman silhouetted at the end of a runway.

The runway lights glow behind her while overhead a passenger jet looms in the darkness lit by two harsh white lights.



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