KiniTV viewership hits three million
2:59PM Apr 1, 2013

New Internet TV provider KiniTV has received strong response from viewers in its first month, hitting more than 3.3 million views in March.

KiniTV is a rebrand of Malayiakini’s TV site Launched on March 17, KiniTV recorded 92,936 unique visitors and more than 255,736 page views as of March 31, 2013.

bersih 3 chinese book launch and forum 120912 yong kai pingKiniTV chief executive officer Yong Kai Ping (right) said viewership had been growing from strength to strength since the rebranding exercise in January, with a spike from 1.5 million views in January to over 2.36 million views in February, reaching 3.3 million views in March.

KiniTV reached more than 7.2 million viewers in the first three months of 2013, making it one of the most popular Internet television stations in the country.

As YouTube’s direct partner, its YouTube channel has 64,396 subscribers, 6,665 videos and more than 61 million views.

KiniTV and its predecessor’s achievements were highlighted at the Google conference in Singapore recently.


“The viewers are thirsty for independent television news reports that provide in-depth discussion and multiple viewpoints, which are sorely lacking in the mainstream media.

“The fast-growing figures are a testimony that KiniTV has been able to fill the vacuum and that we are on the right track,” KiniTV director Premesh Chandran said.

Go to KiniTV for more.

KiniTV viewership hits three million


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