Part 2: Himpunan Hijau’s GREEN WALK, 13-25 November 2012


Himpunan Hijau’s GREEN WALK is the longest protest walk in Malaysian history.


The Final Part: Himpunan Hijau’s GREEN WALK, 13-25 November 201


For the first 6 days, click on the link below:

Part 1: Himpunan Hijau’s GREEN WALK, 13-25 November 2012

Bukit Merah mustn’t be forgotten



8.00am: Bertolak dari Taman Rimba
2.00pm: Titik Perhimpunan – Toll Gombak (Jom Datang Ramai-ramai)
3.00pm: Bertolak dari Toll Gombak ke Taman Melewar



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Dataran Merdeka akan ditutup untuk semua aktiviti. Nasib baik kami berjalan kaki, bukan buat aktiviti nie!

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: Situation update from Dataran Merdeka as for 24/11, 9.20pm. Dataran field total blocked for entrance. “Kawasan ini ditutup untuk semua aktiviti” signage pitched. Police mobile truck on sight.

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Tempat kita berehat Dan bermalam.



Participants swell to 2,000 as long march reaches KL

DAY 12 – GOMBAK The heavy downpour early this morning failed to dampen the spirit of the Himpunan Hijau marchers, who resumed their journey from the outskirt of Kuala Lumpur today as their numbers swelled to about 2,000 people.

himpunan hijau green walk day 12 241112 2

It rained since 5am at Taman Rimba, Gombak, where the marchers set up camp the previous night. Nevertheless, the participants pressed on, armed with umbrellas, straw hats and rain coats.

The marchers kicked off their journey at 8.30am with about 500 people in tow, and the number soon multiplied with more joining in when the rain stopped three hours later.

According to Himpunan Hijau Facebook page, the marchers formed a 2km-long line as they walked towards the capital city.

The team reached the Karak Highway’s Gombak toll plaza at around 11.30am, where they took a short break, occupying a small lane next to the toll.

They then continued their journey to their next stop – the former PAS headquarters at Taman Melewar, Gombak.

Some vehicles which passed the marchers repeatedly blew their horn as a show of support.

Participants swell to 2,000 as long march reaches KL



Monk: Green March tougher than Buddhist practice

DAY 11 – GOMBAK After nearly 300km march from Kuantan to Kuala Lumpur, Master Kongli has become the motivating force for many participants suffering from injury and pain to continue with their journey.

As for himself, he thinks that this form of march is much more difficult than the Buddhist practice of meditative walking.

himpunan hijau green walk monk master kong li

The 51-year-old joined the event the very first day, walking all the way from Kuantan and arriving in Gombak yesterday.

Although the journey must have consumed copious amounts of stamina, Kongli (left) still looked energetic when interviewed by the press.

He said that in Buddhism, there has a form of walking practice, which is very popular in Thailand, used to train their mind and soul.

However, he said that this green march required even more physical strength.

Kongli explained that one can rest whenever tired when walking for practice, but the Green March requires all participants to complete the targeted distance as planned.

Monk: Green March tougher than Buddhist practice


Teo said the first few days were the hardest period as he had to treat an average of 30 to 40 participants who suffered blisters, leg cramps and fatigue.

Free Malaysia Today

The sinseh and the long march

Leven Woon | November 24, 2012

Chinese medical practitioner took part on the Green Walk but he also found that he had to use all his skills to treat the walkers

KUALA LUMPUR:  For Chinese traditional medical practitioner Elton Teo, the Green Walk was a humbling experience as it showed how generous and kind people can be.

Teo has been practising for over a decade but he says the 300km walk from Kuantan to Kuala Lumpur was the highpoint in his career.
Since Tuesday, he has been walking with the other participants and his knowledge of medicine was put to good use.

During the first few days in Maran and Lanchang, the group stopped and camped overnight in a locations where there was no electricity, he said.

“I had to treat the walkers in the dark,” he said. “I only relied on two orang aslis who lit up candlelight besides me.”

“There were also times when we have to put up an  extension to obtain electricity from a house nearby,” he said.

The sinseh and the long march



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Kita sudah sampai di Tol Gombak. Hidup Hijau!


It’s wet but they keep going…

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Inikalilah! 2km orang berjalan bersama. Tumbangkan Lynas!



Lebih kurang 1000 orang yang menghala ke Tol Gombak hari ni!1000人!!


The long walk to end Lynas inches to KL

Harakahdaily, 23 November 2012

Nov 23: The walking protest to oppose the Lynas rare-earth refinery in Kuantan is slowly making its way to Kuala Lumpur, and like a snowball, it is growing in size as more people decide to join the walkers whenever they stopped to rest.

 ALL FOR A CAUSE … Malaysians of all hues are joining the 300-km anti-Lynas walk

Today, participants reached Bukit Tinggi, and will proceed to Taman Rimba. They are planning to gather at the Gombak toll plaza tomorrow, before making their way to the PAS training centre in Taman Melewar, which normally takes about 20 minutes from there by car.

Members of the public who would like to show their support or to join the remainder of the 300-km walk from Kuantan to Kuala Lumpur are welcome to gather at the Gombak toll plaza.

On Sunday, they will leave Taman Melewar and head to the final destination, Dataran Merdeka, before going to the Parliament where they plan to approach lawmakers on Monday.

The walk, the longest protest walk in the country’s history, is led by Wong Tack, chairman of Himpunan Hijau, the movement spearheading the anti-Lynas campaign, and started off with seventy people including children and the elderly.

It comes as Lynas Corp went ahead with its plan to begin operations of its Gebeng factory.



Admin rasa hari ini Akan Ada lebih daripada 500 yang datang ke sini untuk menyokong kita!

Keadaan awal pagi. Bus telah sampai untuk menyokong kita!,!



Environmentalists plan KL rally in rare earth protest
By Channel NewsAsia’s Malaysia Bureau Chief Melissa Goh | Posted: 22 November 2012 2007 hrs

KUALA LUMPUR: Environmental activists and concerned residents in Malaysia are planning to hold a massive rally in Kuala Lumpur this Sunday to protest against a controversial rare earth refinery.
Meanwhile, anti-Lynas activists are pushing ahead with massive rally in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday.

Hundreds have been on the road from Kuantan to the capital in a journey that covers over 200 kilometres to rally public support against Lynas. They are expected to reach Dataran Merdeka at 4pm on Sunday.

It’s unclear how big the turnout’s going to be.

The anti-Lynas campaign has sparked a green movement in the country, which analysts say may influence voters in their decisions in the coming polls.

– CNA/de

Environmentalists plan KL rally in rare earth protest




Sudah sampai masa tidor, dah siap pasang khemah, rahmatilah kami jangan hujan malam ni.



Free Malaysia Today

Wong Tak said Himpunan Hijau had decided to carry out a blockade against future imports.

“We want to give a stern warning to Lynas. You might escape this time, but you won’t be able to do it the second time. We will try every means to bring down your operations.”

Green Walk to end with People’s Assembly

Leven Woon | November 23, 2012

Marchers against Lynas arrive in Selangor.

GOMBAK: The 14-day cross-country march against Lynas Corp will culminate on Monday with a gathering of citizens at Dataran Merdeka that the organisers call a “people’s assembly”.

The hundreds of participants in the so-called Green Walk arrived in Selangor today in a journey that began on Nov 12 in Kuantan with one man—Wong Tak, who leads the environmental group Himpunan Hijau.

Wong said Monday’s assembly would begin at 9am and would collectively decide how to respond to yesterday’s arrival of 100 containers of rare earth ore at Kuantan Port.

“There will be a true people’s assembly at Dataran,” he told reporters. “We will show that the choice is in our hands. We will let the people to decide how we should go forward to change the country.”
Selangor exco Ean Yong Hian Wah welcomed the marchers, estimated to number about 300, with lunch when they arrived at Taman Rimba Klasik Serdaya, Jalan Gombak. He also presented every participant with a carnation.

The group will march to the Gombak toll gate tomorrow, expecting to arrive there by 2pm. It will then move on to the former PAS headquarters at Taman Melewar, where the participants will spend the night. They will enter Dataran Merdeka by 4pm on Sunday.

Green Walk to end with People’s Assembly



Some photos of the day’s walk…


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Siang media selepas sampai di Taman Rimba. Kita sudah sampai di Tempat bermalam!

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Keadaan makan petang tadi. Maas lambat Kerana tiada Internet.


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Menuju ke Genting Sempah!

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Dah nak bertolak ni selepas bersenam, teka berapa orang berjalan kaki hari ini?


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Keadaan di Pelabuhan Kuantan. Polis berkhidmat untuk Lynas?


These Malaysian citizens chose to embark on this journey (dubbed “Langkah Lestari”) because for far too long we have collectively as a nation allowed indiscriminate “development” and rapacious capitalistic resource extraction to go on, all in the name of economic growth and wealth creation.

Malaysian Insider


From Kuantan to Dataran Merdeka: The emancipatory journey for a green Malaysia — Boon Kia Meng

November 22, 2012

NOV 22 — Humans make history; but never in circumstances and situations of their own choosing. This insightful observation by Marx, as he watched over the social upheavals unfolding in Europe in the middle of the 19th century, is a timely expression on what is happening in Malaysia today.

Have Malaysians ever heard of a group of ordinary, fellow Malaysians — our fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, our children — marching slowly but surely, on foot, all 300 kilometres of it, rain or shine, from Kuantan to Dataran Merdeka? All united in a common cause: to stop any further environmental degradation in Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah and Sarawak, where stopping the Lynas rare earth refinery in Gebeng, and the Murum and Baram dams in Sarawak, constitutes a fundamental demand.

It was their spirit and determination that drew me and my friends to join them in their walk for environmental justice. Donning green shirts and a peasant farmer’s hat, we experienced first-hand what ordinary Malaysians can achieve when they organise themselves, a trend that typifies the sea change in people’s attitude and participation in citizenship activism since 2008.

Ordinary mothers arrange lodgings and food distribution, grandpas and grandmas providing moral support with their feet and encouraging words, fathers managing logistic details, while the young, even little children, learn to take their first baby steps in authentic environmentalism and love for the country.

In other words, “Langkah Lestari” epitomises what has been truly essential in any democratic movement for bringing real social change: the twin values of self-organisation and mutual aid. Against these values, no authoritarian state or oppressive regime can stand a chance. Ordinary citizens, learning to organise themselves, little by little, will win the hearts and minds of the majority of the populace.

This brings us back to the significance of this Sunday, November 25, in the history of this nation. The marchers have decided to occupy Dataran Merdeka once they reach there, awaiting the presence of the prime minister and Members of Parliament from both sides of the political divide the very next morning.

Again ordinary Malaysians like them face the arbitrary exercise of state power in the hands of City Hall and the police when the mayor of KL said that no gathering in Dataran is allowed without an application for permit. We know that the upsurge of participation of Malaysians in public protests since Bersih 3.0 is no historical accident. The momentum of people’s movements will only grow stronger and stronger by the day and “Himpunan Hijau 2.0: Langkah Lestari” in Dataran Merdeka this Sunday will be no different. Thousands upon thousands of Malaysians will be there, come what may.

“Those who do not move, do not notice their chains,” the radical democrat Rosa Luxemburg once said. Thank you, participants of Langkah Lestari, for walking and making Malaysians conscious of the shackles that are enslaving us. Thank you, Saudara Wong Tack (the organising chairperson), for reminding all Malaysians that true emancipation lies in our very own hands: “Pilihan di tangan kita!”

* This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of The Malaysian Insider

From Kuantan to Dataran Merdeka: The emancipatory journey for a green


Green Walk: Taken on a life of its own




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Tangkapan semasa di bawah jambatan pagi tadi. Semoga kita boleh teruskan momentum ini di Dataran Merdeka! — with Lewis Ng.


Persediaan untuk rombongan Jalan Kaki dari Kuantan ke Dataran Merdeka esok. Terima kasih kepada mereka.感谢他们为我们明天的苦行做准备。

12.30pm: Sampai di Restoran Summer Park Bukit Tinggi, tempat bermalam para peserta rombongan

我们在12:30pm 到达今晚留宿的地方~夏日餐厅


After spending a couple of days for the Green Walk, I have decided to stay back in Kuantan to guard the fort with some Kuantan residents in view of the suspected arrival of the rare earth ores at Kuantan Port early this morning.




Green marchers confront Special Branch officer

DAY 9 – BENTONG A group of activists participating in the anti-Lynas green walk confronted a Special Branch (SB) officer during their stay in Bentong, Pahang on Tuesday night.

According to campaign spokesperson Wong Chun Yuan, the incident happened when the green walk team members spotted two SB officers recording them at a Catholic school, where the team was staying overnight.


When contacted yesterday, he told Malaysiakini that about 10 members had then surrounded the two police officers, though one of them managed to slip away.

“We had some ‘exchange’ for about 15 minutes, (where) he admitted that he was from the SB but refused to delete the photos,” Wong said.

“We have no problem with the SB taking our photographs during our march, but do not break into the our rest area without our permission.

“Moreover, they were just recording downstairs in a room where our female members were taking a rest.”

Wong added that they did not force the police officer to delete the photos.

However, they warned him that he will not be let off easily if he gets caught again the next time.

Green marchers confront Special Branch officer


Cops: Himpunan must inform us of Dataran gathering

The police said anti-Lynas group Himpunan Hijau has to notify the force if its intended gathering at Dataran Merdeka, but that they have yet to do so.

“They (Himpunan Hijau) need to send notification to police under Section 9 (1) of the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012, but they didn’t,” Dang Wangi OCPD Zainuddin Ahmad told Malaysiakini in a SMS.

However he was unable to comment further, as he was in a meeting at the time.

Cops: Himpunan must inform us of Dataran gathering


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Keadaan pagi ini. 500 orang di Kolam air panas yang tidak dapat sampai dengan pengangkutan awam. Ayuh kita gegarkan Dataran Merdeka!



Walau apapun yang berlaku, kami tetap akan menghabiskan perjalanan dan sampai di Dataran Merdeka pada 25hb Nov. Jumpa di sana. ~Wong Tack不管任何情况之下,百里苦行大队将完成剩下的路程,并于十一月二十五日抵达独立广场。到时见! ~ 黄德Whatever circumstances, we will defintely complete the journey to Dataran Merdeka. We will be there! ~Wong Tack




“If they did not get permission, then it is under the mayor’s jurisdiction (to take action)… I will take action after speaking with DBKL’s management,” Kuala Lumpur mayor, Ahmad Phesal Talib, said.


DBKL: Marchers need permission to use Dataran

Himpunan Hijau must apply for a permit in order to camp overnight at Dataran Merdeka on Sunday, said Kuala Lumpur mayor Ahmad Phesal Talib.

“If Dataran Merdeka, yes. We take care of the area,” he told a press conference after a function in Kuala Lumpur.


Activists from Himpunan Hijau plan to end their 300km march from Kuantan to Kuala Lumpur at Dataran Merdeka, where they will spend the night and use the same venue to receive MPs on Monday.

DBKL: Marchers need permission to use Dataran



Hujan Lebat. Kesian kepada para pahlawan yang tidur di tepi jalan malam ini. Langit sebagai selimut, Rumput sebagai katil. Doakanlah supaya semua bergerak lancar.下雨了,勇士们,辛苦你们了!


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Kemalangan di jalan masuk ke Kolam Air Panas Bentong.


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Orang Asal sedang buat khemah untuk Tempat tidor. Harap jangan hujan.原著名在湖边用帆布搭帐篷,希望晚上别下雨。

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Tidak dapat bersama Himpunan Hijau di Bentong maka makan ‘Pau Himpunan Hijau’ dengan kopi ‘O’ di Sara Tea Corner sahaja ! — with Jai Sparow, Himpunan Hijau and Kaklong Dta.


Ceramah on Saturday night

Ishak meanwhile told the press conference that the participants would be treated to a ceramah by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim and PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu on Saturday night at Taman Melewar PAS centre.

“The next day, the participants will visit Kampung Railway Sentul before camping at Dataran Merdeka till Monday. We have already extended invitations to MPs to come visit them,” said Ishak.

Free Malaysia Today

Green Walk: 200km done with 400 participants in tow

G Vinod | November 21, 2012

The participants would attend a ceramah on Saturday night by opposition leaders, before moving to Dataran Merdeka the following day.

KUALA LUMPUR: The participants of the Green Walk from Kuantan, Pahang is scheduled to arrive near the Gombak toll booth at 2pm this Saturday.

They will then spend a night in Karak before embarking on their penultimate leg of their journey to Dataran Merdeka the following morning. Their final leg of the journey will see them reaching Parliament on Nov 26.

People’s Green Coalition representative Khim Pa, in a press conference today, said the walk led by Himpunan Hijau chairman Wong Tack was now supported by about 400 people.

Green Walk: 200km done with 400 participants in tow


【绿行记事】 文:吴启珍 走入夜市,穿越人群,派完了传单回到家后,夜已深! 打开家的那道大门,原以为两个小美女已经 …

【绿行记事】文:吴启珍走入夜市,穿越人群,派完了传单回到家后,夜已深!打开家的那道大门,原以为两个小美女已经上楼休息了,却没想到一室灯火通明,老大正阅着书展买回来的小说,老二却把沙发当睡床,睡着了!两个平常吵闹的女儿,安静的在等深夜未返的妈妈。心底不是没有内疚的。绿色苦行队继续往都门迈进,我们这些妈妈和年轻的朋友,有的是匆匆从工作岗位赶来、有些是暂时把孩子放下,从家里赶来,组成另一支绿色队伍,马不停蹄的走向人群,发出了大家来自心底的呼喊!老大坚持能走完路程NONE望着9岁老二熟睡的小小脸蛋,想起了那天对她说要参与。24日的苦行,她还天真且带点兴奋的问:妈咪,那我们是否可一边走一边卖那些剩下的荧光棒?13岁的老大问我要走多远,我告诉她是18公里,走不动妳可以上车休息时,她竟敢敢说:那个我可以走完!我看着这两个平日常常叫我气恼,学业成绩不怎么样,一个不爱说话一个只爱整天往外野的女儿,百感交集,说不出话了!孩子也忙发传单募款再看看昨晚跟着妈妈帮忙到夜市派传单的几位小男孩,他们也像大人般一面把传单分到陌生人手上,还简单的吁请大家出来响应,参与苦行。而在过去那一场又一场美食小贩中心的讲座,没有华丽的舞台,也没有衣香槟影,妈妈站在啤酒箱搭成的简单台上,这些小朋友,有的就坐在啤酒箱上,听妈妈讲话。有的在一桌桌的去兜售净选盟妈妈周边产品、有的捧着一筹款箱,用童稚的声音叫食客慷慨解囊。他们是Anak Bersih!他们的童年是跟着妈妈反公害,增添了许多成熟绿色色彩。他们的这个学校假期也许少了一些玩乐,但体验了一段苦行的经历。他们也许就在那捍卫绿色的风火行动中慢慢长大。他们是我们未来的希望,国家的栋梁。他们也是我们Mamas bersih的:Anak Bersih!


Late yesterday, the Mandarin news over ntv7 quoted Wong as saying he hoped Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and all the other MPs would be able to come to Dataran Merdeka by 9am on Monday, Nov 26, to have dialogue with the anti-Lynas activists.


Green marchers to wait for MPs at Dataran Merdeka

The the anti-Lynas green walk organiser has made a slight change to its plan. The protesters will not march to Parliament House as originally planned for the culmination of their 14-day, 300km journey.

Instead, the green marchers will camp at Dataran Merdeka once they reach the iconic venue on Sunday and wait for the prime minister and MPs to meet them there on the morning of the next day.

azlanHimpunan Hijau chairperson Wong Tack, who initiated the campaign in his personal capacity, announced the latest development during a sharing session in Bentong, Pahang, late last night.

Contacted later, Wong said it would be better for the people’s representatives to meet the anti-Lynas rare earths refinery plant protesters at Dataran Merdeka.

Contacted later, Wong said it would be better for the people’s representatives to meet the anti-Lynas rare earths refinery plant protesters at Dataran Merdeka.

“During the lunch break earlier (yesterday), I saw that the faces of all the participants were looking very tired… as if even another 1km of walk will be too much for them,

“So, instead of we walking the 3km or 4km to Parliament, the elected representatives should come to Dataran Merdeka to meet the people,” he said.

Asked what he would do if the MPs refused to come, Wong said, “If the MPs still care for the people and want to exercise their responsibilities as people’s representatives, they should be there.”

Green marchers to wait for MPs at Dataran Merdeka


12.00 noon

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Kumpulan Hentikan Lombong Cyanide dari Bukit Koman yang bersama dengan kami pada hari ini!


Orang Asal yang bersama dengan kita selama ini.

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450 Rakyat Bentong bersama dengan kami pada hari ini. Bangkit Rakyat!!!! Kalau ini berlaku di Kubu Barisan Nasional, adakah kita akan mendapat lebih ramai yang hadir bersama kita di Kuala Lumpur?


Kebangkitan Rakyat Bentong, menanti permulaan jalan kaki. Rakyat sudah sedar! Ayuh datang be ramai-ramai bersama dengan kita!文冬人在等待苦行的开始。


I’ve been asked to write about the Green Walk for an online foreign website. Below is the text I submitted:Activists walk 300km to demand environmental justiceA group of activists has embarked on a 300 km walk from Kuantan to Kuala Lum

pur to demand for an end to various environment grievances afflicting their communities. The walk, which began on 13th of November, will take them across 15 towns over 14 days and will culminate in a handling over of memorandum in parliament on the 26th of November.The starting point of Kuantan is of particular significance because it is where the recent surge in environmental activism began. The community there is fighting the largest rare earth plant in the world owned by Lynas from commencing operation. They are joined by activists opposing the Murum and Baram dams in Sarawak, Raub activists opposing the use of cyanide in gold mining, Pengerang activists opposing the RAPID petrochemical complex as well as Teluk Rubiah activists opposing the Vale iron ore distribution hub.The walk, dubbed “Green Walk”, is a continuation of numerous protests organised under the banner of Himpunan Hijau, literally meaning ‘Green Gathering’. The previous five Himpunan Hijau drew thousands, and some in excess of ten thousand.A familiar discontentment runs through these protests: the public were not meaningfully consulted during the approval of these projects , and very often these projects are surreptitiously approved and allowed to operate despite public outcry. The Lynas rare earths plant takes on an additional national sovereignty dimension as the community perceives Lynas to be exporting pollution to their land to circumvent tough environmental regulations back home in Australia.Of the various grievances, the Lynas plant is of special urgency as they are about commence operation as soon as next month in December. Lynas have recently won a court decision lifting the suspension of their Temporary Operating License and therefore will be able to import the ore legitimately. The ore will be processed to extract valuable rare earths metals to be exported, but the fate of the concomitant radioactive waste is not satisfactorily resolved and may very well end up being permanently dumped in Kuantan.As all avenues to stop the plant have been exhausted, the community embarked on the Green Walk to inspire the people to join in the human blockade of the ore when it arrives in Malaysia. Although most participants do not walk the full distance, as the walk progresses, the participants have grown in size, and is expected to number in the thousands during the final few stretches approaching the capital.

Chairman of Himpunan Hijau Wong Tack just announced the team walk to KL will not go to Paliament on 26 Nov, we will wait for PM and MPs came to meet us if they are concerned over the envirnnment issue.

苦行队伍,周二从彭亨加叻出发,一步一脚印地徒步到20公里外的文冬。队伍中有71岁的老奶奶,也有5岁的小孩。他们身穿绿色衣服,走得汗流浃背,只为了表达"不为发展,牺牲环保"的心声。绿色盛会主席黄德:“不再集会了,只能走路。”黄德表示,沿路200公里中获得许多人的支持和帮助,而且不同背景的人也愿意加入苦行队伍,显示人民已经醒觉,反对公害。苦行者途中有笑声,有汗水也有泪水。有人的脚磨出水泡,让老奶奶倍感心疼。71岁反公害苦行者涂亚眉:“心痛。”队伍今晚在一所学校过夜,周三早上继续上路。然而,黄德在晚上八点半宣布,苦行队伍预计在25日抵达吉隆坡独立广场后,在当地扎营过夜,并取消原定26日 前往国会大厦的计划,转而要求首相拿督斯里纳吉和朝野议员,在26日9点以前到独立广场和他们对话。黄德透露,这是最后行动,就算见不到人民代议士,他们 也不再逗留,将自行解散。
苦行队25日独立广场扎营 盼朝野议员来见




Street performance at Bentong



Green marchers say Special Branch trailing them

Six unknown men have been identified following the Himpunan Hijau protesters walking to Parliament House in Kuala Lumpur from Kuantan, officials of the environmentalist group say.

Himpunan Hijau spokesperson Wong Chun Yuan told Malaysiakini they suspect the six men to be members of the police Special Branch (SB).

Chun Yuan said two of the unidentified men had first been spotted taking photographs and jotting down notes as the anti-Lynas rare earths refinery plant protesters were marching along the Kuantan-Gambang route.

“We recognise them (the two men) to be from the Special Branch based in Kuantan. They always appear at our activities,” he said.

He said the unidentified group increased to six men at Karak. They moved in three cars, monitoring the green marchers at their gatherings and resting points.

Last Wednesday, an unknown person who claimed that he was a police officer, tried to chase away members of the PAS Unit Amal who were escorting the marchers at Sri Jaya, about 15km from Maran.

According to one of the officials in the organising committee, the man warned that the escort provided by the Unit Amal was “dangerous” and threatened to issue a summons.

However, the man did not produce any identification to prove he was from the police and left after jotting down a Unit Amal member’s driving licence details.

Chun Yuan said that the group of men have since not interrupted the marchers nor communicated with them.

A photograph provided by Himpunan Hijau (above) shows an unidentified man wearing the official Himpunan Hijau T-shirt.

Green marchers say Special Branch trailing them




Sudah sampai di tempat bermalam di SMK Katholik Bentong.


Satu bus Dari Johor untuk menyertai kita!! Terima Kasih kepada kumpulan Johor Yellow Flame!



23 minutes ago

Polis yang ronda dan memberitahu bahwa tidak akan mengganggu kami.

Liked · 20 minutes ago via mobile

Mari mendengar kisah seorang pahlawan. Ini saudara Kevin dari Kulai. Beliau baru mendengar tentang aktiviti ini dua hari sebelum mula, Dan terus datang untuk menyertai kami. Masih berjalan walaupun kaki sudah bengkak.



The Green Walk (Day 8, 20/11/12).
Lining up for lunch.

The Green Walk (Day 8, 20/11/12)
0ur young green warriors!

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Keadaan makan tengah hari tadi. Semua beratur untuk mengambil makanan. Sedang berehat sekarang dan akan bertolak pada pukul 3.



Young volunteer helping out during Himpunan Hijau Walk to Parlimen. Dear friends, if little children are standing out to do their part, please ask yourself this question “should I still stay at home and talk about it or it is time to turn my word into action?” I have walked for 3 days last week and planning to do more.

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Rombongan kami sedang berehat di Kg Sungai Dua!

我们正在Sg Dua休息。


To all my friends who joined the Green Walk Rally in the past 7 days.

Berjalan Kaki dari Kuantan ke Parlimen – Semangat Mat Kilau dan Dato’ Bahaman



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Rombongan 200 orang sedang menuju ke Bentong bersama pada hari ini! Semoga perjalanan hari ini yang ada 14km melalui highway yang tiada sokongan backup team dapat dihabiskan lancar.


Inilah Wira-Wira yang bersama kami sejak hari pertama!这些就是第一天走到现在的英雄!
Sudah larut malam. Namun, masih ade di Ankara mereka yang tidak tidor lagi. Tengah berusaha demi kejayaan program ini. Syabas Dan Terima Kasih!夜深人静,依然还有人在默默工作,只为一个成功的苦行,为孩子创造一个美好的将来。谢谢!恭喜!

Sudah larut malam. Namun, masih ade di Ankara mereka yang tidak tidor lagi. Tengah berusaha demi kejayaan program ini.Syabas Dan Terima Kasih! The dead, still in silence, for just one successful ascetic, and create a better future for their children. Thank you! Congratulations! (Translated by Bing)




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Berada di Karak, baru selesai Sesi perkongsian pengalaman. Beratus yang hadir. Terima Kasih kepada penduduk Karak, Dan Saudara Tang Fuie Koh yang menyelaras untuk program hari ini sehingga hari Rabu ini.


Petang tadi Wong Tack balik kampung asalnya di Karak dan bertemu dengan adik dan rakan2 lama. Banyak yang telah berubah disebabkan pembangunan. Apa yang tinggal hanya kenangan.


4:45pm Wong Tack sampai Karak dan disambut oleh rakan sekampung.


According to Sin Chew, Ho alleged that Kok went to his restaurant and issued the threat before the arrival of the group. The newspaper also said another MCA leader, identified as Wong, called Ho in the morning and questioned whether he was a supporter of the anti-Lynas movement.

The report has sparked an uproar among netizens, many of whom labeled MCA as arrogant and accused it of abusing power.

Free Malaysia Today

MCA denies threatening green eatery

Leven Woon | November 19, 2012

The restaurant owner who feted the anti-Lynas marchers probably misunderstood what he heard, says the party’s Temerloh chief.

PETALING JAYA: Temerloh MCA chief Chuah Boon Seong has denied claims that two local MCA leaders issued threats to a restaurant owner who feted the anti-Lynas green walk group on Saturday.

Chuah speculated today that the owner of Tong Onn Restaurant, Ho Yup Onn, might have misinterpreted what the two party leaders said.

“I have talked to the two leaders and I was told there is no such thing,” he told FMT. “Maybe there are some wrong interpretations from the other side.”

Sin Chew Daily yesterday quoted Ho as saying that a Temerloh MCA leader, identified only as Kok, threatened to revoke his business licence should he go ahead to feed lunch to the marchers. The licence was issued by the Temerloh District Council.

MCA denies threatening green eatery


Temerloh: Coffee shop owner says he has been intimidated by local MCA leaders because he hosted participants of Himpunan Hijau’s ‘long march’ last Friday.


Shop owner intimidated by MCA for ‘hosting’ marchers
  • Chan Kim Ming
  • 4:21PM Nov 19, 2012

A coffee shop owner in Temerloh says he has been intimidated by local MCA leaders, who threatened that his business licence will be revoked because he hosted participants of Himpunan Hijau’s ‘long march’ last Friday.

However, the owner, who would only identify himself as Ho, has won the support of Kuantan Parade Traders’ Association chairperson JK Pang, who condemned the intimidation as “action to appease the higher authorities”.

Ho told Sin Chew Daily that after participants of the anti-Lynas refinery plant march had their meals at his coffee shop, for which they paid, a local MCA leader with the surname ‘Kuok’ came to his shop and warned him that his operating licence would be revoked.

This threat was followed by a phone call from another local MCA leader, going by the surname ‘Ng’, who said a police special branch officer had asked whether Ho was a supporter of the opposition.

Ho slammed the two MCA leaders for victimising him and argued that it was his right to conduct business from his premises.

Shop owner intimidated by MCA for ‘hosting’ marchers



They have just had a break…

Baru habis berehat. Sedang menuju ke Karak. 5 km ke tempat berehat nanti.

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{Information from Dr. Khim Pa:}
Sarawak Green Walkers temporarily break their walk to go to Parliament today. They marched to Parliament in the rain, chanting ” Bakun is Enough”, “Stop the Dams”, ” we don’t want dams” in Kenyah language, Bahasa, Chinese and English. They said the mega dams are killing them and their culture.( see photos at Khim Pa[…See More

Break time


Himpunan Hijau


Satu semangat yang kami cuba semaikan. Semangat Perjuangan Mat Kilau dan Dato Bahaman, yang memperjuangkan kuasa rakyat semasa Penjajahan British. Kami tetap akan mempertahankan tanah kita daripada penjajahan projek-projek TOKSIK!!当年,彭亨州反殖民英雄Mat Kilau和Dato Bahaman勇于抵抗英国殖民。如今,我们苦行一行人将保护这一片先人斗争为我们争取这一边干净土地的勇士们,把所有毒害驱逐出去!!

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Salah Seorang orang awam yang datang Membawa kuih-muih. Apa yang diingininya cuma ambil gambar dengan saudara Wong.



Liked · 3 hours ago via mobile

Hari Ketujuh. Masih ramai yang bersama kita. Hidup semangat Mat Kilau! Kita berharap agar semangat Tokoh-Tokoh perjuangan dulu boleh kita pelajari.



6 minutes ago
19/11 Isnin – Lanchang – Karak – 22km
20/11 Selasa – Karak – Bentong – 20km
21/11 Rabu – Bentong – Bentong Hot Springs – 18km
22 /11 Khamis – Bentong Hot Springs – Bukit Tinggi – 13km
23/11 Jumaat – Bukit Tinggi – Taman Rimba – 21km

24/11 Sabtu – Taman Rimba – Kampung Bandar Dalam – 18km
25/11 Ahad – Kampung Bandar – Dalam Dataran Merdeka – 8km—-PROGRAM DI BENTONG—-
Tarikh: 20 Nov (Selasa) 8 malam
Tempat: Bandar Bentong (tepi Pasar)
Program: Persembahan dan Sesi PerkongsianSEBARKAN!


Berdiri di atas Tapak Perjuangan Mat Kilau dan Dato Bahaman, yang merupakan pejuang Nasionalisme menentang penjajahan British pada zaman dahulu. Kami mendoakan agar perjuangan kami yang mewarisi semangat sedemikian dapat dirahmati dan disebarkan. Semarak Reformasi Hijau!

Berdiri di atas Tapak Perjuangan Mat Kilau dan Dato Bahaman, yang merupakan pejuang Nasionalisme menentang penjajahan British pada zaman dahulu. Kami mendoakan agar perjuangan kami yang mewarisi semangat sedemikian dapat dirahmati dan disebarkan. Semarak Reformasi Hijau!

这里,曾经是我们的彭亨著名的抗英国殖民英雄- Mat Kilau 与 Dato Bahaman 的故乡。过去,他们抵抗殖民地,如今我们抵抗暴政。愿他们的精神,与我们同在!


Sarapan Pagi kami pada hari ini.今天的早餐。


Salam Pagi, Salam Hijau! Datanglah dan jalan bersama kita!早安,来来来,来与我们一起苦行!!


There is no race in love. 愛不分彼此!


17 Nov 2012, 11:01pm BY NTV7
[突破半数路程 2百人雀跃跨彭亨河]
突破半数路程 2百人雀跃跨彭亨河




Almost 12.oo Midnight

Tulisan bekas pengarang Merdekareview Chan Wei See selepas menyertai kempen Berjalan Kaki dari Kuantan ke Parlimen. (Gambar bersama Pengarah filem bebas Tan Chui Mui)

《 那一天的那些人 》


昨天参与绿行,遇到一些有趣的人有趣的事。久违的翠梅跟我相识于十五十六时,在当年的学记生活营是负责暗中照顾我的小天使。我们在晨光中一起说着吃着笑着 走了一程,她征求了我的意见之后,把苹果核丢在垃圾堆里,然后问,不知会长出苹果树吗?我说,大概会长出梅树。她笑,跟以前的笑容一样美。在我脚步开始散 乱笨拙之后,她依然气定神闲地向前走。一路上感觉她是在滑行而非行走,那姿态真是赏心悦目。

法师飘然的身影是队伍里一道美丽的风景,有时感觉就像在路上跳跃的音符。他笃定而潇洒地向前行,一路上跟人有说有笑,已经走了四天超过100公里的他,脚 上的水泡生了,又灭了,他依然挂着微笑走下去。飘过我身边的他看我如此笨拙难行,跟我说要放松自己,他打个转在我面前倒着走,摇晃双手,说,就这样,放松 自己,别绷得太紧。我问,师父,要怎样放松?他说,就不要用力呀!那一刻,我有当头棒喝的感觉。我一直一直都活得如此用力,
就连走路的姿态都如此沉重。生活真是到处是道场,如何轻松自如地走路,亦是一门修行呀。黄德是我在地里望华小的学兄。地里望是彭亨州一个偏远的小村庄,这趟绿行我遇到了三个从地里望华小毕业的人,都是五十岁以上的前辈,都离开了这个小地方。 我在休息时段时跟黄德在木棚下聊了起来。他告诉我,当年从建筑系毕业的他选择到加拿大修读环保系,父亲没法理解他的选择,但他依然坚持自己的选择。毕业之 后他留在加拿大发展,一晃就是15年。15年后他回到吉隆坡,为了给父亲一个交代,他在妹妹的建筑公司做建筑师,盖了几栋大楼之后,热爱自然环境的他实在 没法在吉隆坡呆下去,于是飞到沙巴州做油棕园和有机农场,一呆就是五年,期间他一直领导反煤炭发电厂的工作,令当地政府和公司有所忌讳。他认为莱纳斯稀土 厂、边佳兰石化厂、武吉公满山埃厂只是一些课题,要绿化环境需作长远的工作,因此他积极推广有机农场及有机生活的概念,希望能打造出一个热爱大自然的社 会。这一趟行程听到一名绿色盛会的年轻人说,当初黄德提出从关丹走路到国会时,大家都认为那是疯狂的点子,不可能做到,但计划推展之后,许多人都热烈支持,而 且参与的人越来越多。我问黄德,为何他是以个人而非组织的名义发起这次的绿色苦行?他告诉我,那是因为警察已经盯紧绿色盛会,若绿行是由绿色盛会发起,就 成了一个正式活动,需要提出申请等,警方会找借口刁难,若是个人发起就容易得多了,警方总不成限制个人走路吧?连续四天了,黄德沉稳地走在从关丹到国会的路上,我从他在烈日下行走的壮阔身影看到,当一个人矢志要做一件正义的事情时,没有人阻挡得了他,而且无数人会自然跟随其后。这,就是个体的力量。我瞒着总是担心我安危的家人,凌晨五点多摸黑开车从地里望这个小地方驶向陌生的马兰,抵达时已是7点30分,绿行队伍已经启程,健聪安排我坐上了保姆车赶 上大队,我在一名东马原住民–罗斯丁的身边插队。我跟他说起我之前曾去过巴贡一带,来自巴南的他说,他的岳母来自巴贡上游,当年巴贡水坝计划迁移上游原 住民时,他岳母种的三千多棵黄梨,政府只赔了145令吉。我以为我听错,向他确认,是145千吧?他说,不,正是145令吉。145令吉,是路边小贩卖 145片黄梨的价钱,她岳母大概遇上了心肠最歹毒的强盗。我从他口中获知,巴南水坝尚未开始兴建,他们打从一开始就拒绝谈赔偿,只专注于施压政府撤销水坝计划。由于水坝还未兴工,只要压力够大,他相信人民是可以成功的,因此他来到了这里,走这十四天的路程,希望能带出原住民的心声。之后,我还遇见了负责开车护送绿行队伍的单亲妈妈。她是在面子书上看到绿色苦行的新闻,感动到眼泪直流,因此赶紧完成手头上的工作,向老板请假过来参加绿 行。绿行队伍里的人,她一个都不认识,她打了绿色盛会在网上公布的热线电话之后,昨天早上就开着灵鹿带着小孩从关丹来到马兰了。由于没法安排到从终点回到 起点的交通,她没法投入步行队伍,只好帮忙开车负责接送工作。这一路上遇到了好多人,他们都是很好的人,一个放下工作全程参与的专业摄影师、一个身材丰满但意志坚定的演员、两个陪我走了长长一段路跟我分享了许多政圈 故事的邓章钦助理、脚力惊人永远跑第一的飞车安娣、随和而性格坚强的阿眉姐、看你走得辛苦时会向你传授走长途秘诀的"体育老师"、特地请假来参加绿行的美 女销售员、让人痛了之后立即舒服的随团按摩师傅、年轻而有理想的政治工作者健聪和政贤等等。在最后的两公里行程中两度给我鼓励的笑容的当地马来妇女在我抵达终点之后跟我相识而笑,然后紧紧地握了握我的手。我们一句话都没说,我握着她的手,像握着一朵温润的花朵。向大伙儿道别时,一个男生挥手嘱咐我,"在面子书上多多分享你的经验呀"。于是我就写了这一些。




那天傍晚,我们冲刺了18公里,疲倦地在Kampung Awah伊斯兰幼儿园内歇息呻吟。

杨中医师忽然出现,还带着药物、拔罐压力机与医疗床。当晚,他为超过20名苦行者做治疗,自己也累得汗流浃背。我问他为什么过来,他说:“不会有太多医生过来。来的医生,政府会拿他们的执照开刀。”我问:”那你又为什么敢过来呢?“他幽默地说:”我没有钱,没有屋子和名贵车。有的只是医术。“于是,我一直陪他到半夜1时,一直目送他的车子到联邦公路才回去歇息。很累的一晚,但是我们的内心充满力量!Teringat Tabib Cina yg datang melawat rombongan yg berjalan kaki dari Kuantan ke Parlimen di Kg Awah, Temerloh satu mlm. Beliau Dari Kuala Lumpur datang Semata-mata utk merawat mereka yg cedera. Lebih 20 org dirawat sehingga Beliau letih berpeluh-peluh.Beliau kembali ke KL berseorangan pada 1am lewat Malam.


MP Selayang YB William Leong bersama YB Elizabeth Wong, Exco Selangor yang singgah di Lanchang pada malam ini untuk memberi sokongan kepada para pahlawan Berjalan Kaki Dari Kuantan ke Parlimen.YB梁志坚与YB黄洁冰在Lanchang与苦行队伍交流,并给与精神上支持。


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