Nurul Ilham Anwar: The road bully was a woman!



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Cops open probe into video of PM’s daughter being road-bullied

Nurul Ilham Anwar shares clip of car driving slowly in right lane while continuously braking

Updated 2 hours ago · Published on 21 Jan 2023 8:01AM

KUALA LUMPUR – Police have started investigations following a claim by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s daughter Nurul Ilham Anwar that she was a victim of a road bully case at KM307 of the North-South Expressway while heading to Seremban.

Serdang police chief A. Anbalagan said Nurul Ilham shared a 14-second video clip of the incident on her Twitter account which later went viral. It showed a Proton Iriz in the right lane moving slowly and continuously pressing the brakes several times on the same lane.

According to initial investigations, the incident involved an accident and injury suffered by both parties.

“Both drivers, including Nurul Ilham were called up to record their statement while the case was investigated under Section 6(2) of the Road Traffic Rules (LN) 166/1959 for an offence of overtaking and obstructing traffic.





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