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The Aseem Malhotra lecture isn’t what you think it is

In November 2022, Dr. Aseem Malhotra gave a lecture that was more about advancing a narrative than explaining the science.

Frank Han
on December 3, 2022

For those audience members unfamiliar with Dr. Aseem Malhotra (who has been discussed previously on SBM, he is a British cardiologist who is currently conducting a campaign with like-minded people to halt the administration of COVID-19 vaccines in England and end all British COVID vaccination mandates. Once upon a time, he did support COVID immunization, but his views completely turned around once his father died of an apparent cardiac arrest at home. Though the cardiac arrest was compounded by an ambulance delay, Dr. Malhotra now describes this event as a vaccine injury. He is sincerely convinced that mRNA immunization has brought much more cardiac harm to the population than is being discussed in public, and that this harm was what killed his father. He is currently spending most of his publicly visible time asking for all COVID immunization to be halted. As a professional with similar training, I want to emphasize that the normal procedure for bringing forth a new biologic mechanism, practice guideline, or surgical technique, is to first conduct pre-clinical experiments to determine whether your idea is correct, then gradually move towards human clinical trials. For example, the surgical techniques for heart surgery on babies evolved over time to become the extremely safe techniques that are in use today in modern surgical suites. At multiple levels, surgeons and cardiologists argued over the best thing to do, and patients are safer during congenital heart surgery because of these debates. Russell Blalock, Helen Taussig, and Vivien Thomas were genuine pioneers in my field who helped invent the very first pediatric heart surgery (against steep opposition and dogma).

Very similar procedures have been followed for the mRNA immunizations. Multiple universities and research teams have been studying their safety and effectiveness since their release and have produced the necessary studies to substantiate their hypotheses. Those same universities and teams have used the same research and techniques to validate the major side effects. Dr. Malhotra, during his public appearances, has repeatedly claimed that people were experiencing unreported, deadly or nearly deadly cardiac events after mRNA immunization. His secondary claim is that there has not been sufficient research conducted specifically on this issue. Both of his core points are presented in the near absence of adequate evidence we normally expect from a practicing cardiologist. As of the writing of this article, he has made no verifiable efforts to corral together the research group, research funding, or multi-center collaboration to produce the basic science, clinical science, or epidemiological research to show that his beliefs are backed with peer-reviewed evidence (which is what the rest of us have done).

The lecture he delivered to the Friends House in Euston in November 2022 illustrates most of his major talking points. He uses a tactic widely employed by the antivax community, which is to weave in kernels of truth with outright falsehoods, which makes the task of deciphering his lecture for the non-medically trained reader much more difficult. His core motivation, in his own words, is to campaign against all forms of mRNA immunization after the death of his father, and he appears to be on a worldwide tour trying to share his point of view. The secondary message in his lecture revolves around descriptions of physician bias and his perceived lack of ability of physicians to review the medical literature.

Below is a list of 20 of his main talking points, and a discussion of the issues with his claims.

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