Lieutenant General (retired) Mark Hertling summarizes the first 210 days of the Russian debacle in Ukraine


Mark Phillip Hertling is a former United States Army officer. From March 2011 to November 2012, he served as the Commanding General of United States Army Europe and the Seventh Army. Wikipedia



Let me get this straight:
1. Russia thought their “special operation” would last 3 days.

2. After 2 months of fighting with Spetsnaz, Airborne & 190+ BTGs, they achieved NONE of their Strategic, Operational or Tactical Objectives.

3. Based on #2, they decided to shift their main effort to the Donbas, where they expended 70+% of their precision munitions hitting civilian targets, while failing to gain any significant military objectives.

4. Then, Putin announced RUF would secure Luhans’k & Donetsk by 15 September.

5. RU “mobilized” the LPR & DPR militias, “recruited” prisoners, “drafted” locals, asked for soldiers from other countries & brought in the Wagner Group to execute #4.

6. But, after announcing & then delaying the Kherson referendum & under threat of a UKR offensive in Kherson, RU generals shifted effort from Donbas to Kherson due to threat of a UKR offensive.

7. After RU shifted forces as described in #6, UA instead conducted a Kharkiv offensive, gaining the equivalent of the land mass of Rhode Island & Delaware while capturing a Brigades worth of Russian tanks & BMPs and killing hundreds of RU soldiers.

8. Though now “paused” in Kharkiv, UA continues to execute attacks in Kherson, is slowly gaining ground in Donetsk, while threatening Melitopol.

9. While this is happening, ships from the RU Navy – the “pride of the Black Sea” – are repositioning from their base in Sevastopol into the Azov for “security reasons” & RU subs are launching Kalibr missiles at UKR infrastructure.

And – here’s my point – after all of this, Putin’s response is to INCREASE punishment for deserters & execute a partial mobilization of 18-60 year old men (who didn’t get much training the first time around & who will serve as “cannon meat”) and continue this madness?

If this is an accurate summary of the last 210 days, Putin – and his supporters, generals & Army – will surely go down in history. But not in a good way.



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