Reposting a thread by Dr Angela Rasmussen on Jeffrey Sachs’ podcast with RFK Jr


Angela Lynn Rasmussen is an American virologist at the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada. Wikipedia

Education: Smith College (BA, 2000); Columbia University (PhD, 2009)



This interview should disqualify Jeff Sachs from his position as Chair of @TheLancet commission. He repeatedly lies. He misrepresents the evidence. He promotes conspiracy theories about “narratives” that are better suited for InfoWars than @curaffairs

He is a conspiracist.


Not overlooked, but ignored because I don’t wish to further amplify it. But here’s a quick summary: Like many of his fellow economists with Ivy League credentials but no specific expertise in biology, he suffers from the delusion that he knows what the fuck he’s talking about.



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