Why the Malaysian Road Tax sticker never sticks on properly




This video is 4 years old but remains relevant.


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1 Response to Why the Malaysian Road Tax sticker never sticks on properly

  1. E Lye says:

    A few years ago I went to renew my road tax at the post office after buying fresh car insurance at the insurance company. I saw that the date on the road tax was severely off. WTF. I got that cancelled. I tried a few days later at another post office. Again the same problem. WTF. I went to the JPJ and again WTF. I asked to see the officer who checked and eventually suggested that I come at a particular date and now the dates matched. Guess what happened the next year? I brought along my past road taxes carefully peeled as evidence. The counter guy said that those were irrelevant since what was recorded in their system was the only legitimate one. Once I cancelled my road tax – the first time – the one stuck on my windshield was expired and I was driving illegally. The cancellation didn’t work on the wrongly printed one but on my existing one. Yes, IT in JPJ can be so very screwed up. I can’t understand why they cant issue a unique number for every disc. Bank Negara can on their banknotes. THE IMPORTANT THING is the high security features on your expensive road tax disc are meaningless in the new normal of ticketless parking. It is a dinosaur that is lining the pockets of the provider and other middlemen..My tip is to carefully peel off the road tax and touch the adhesive with my fingers. The oil of my fingerprints will reduce the stickiness. Do this until it is still tacky. You can carefully peel it off the next year. Baking in the sun does not discolour or damage the sticker. It does not work if you manage a fleet of vehicles.

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