Su-35 shot down: Big blow to Chinese & Russian Air Force as their ‘Most Advanced’ fighter jet is being decoded by US and UK scientists





Ashish Dangwal

April 20, 2022

The Ukraine war has seen Russia losing a significant number of aircraft, tanks and armored vehicles. The biggest shock, though, was the revelation that Moscow’s most advanced non-stealth fighter plane, Su-35, had been shot down by Ukrainian forces.

It now looks like it is destined to become a critical challenge for the Kremlin, as its most advanced piece of technology may slip into the hands of the United States.

The secret long-range targeting system of Russia’s most sophisticated fighter plane is being examined by British and American scientists, Express reported. Though the aircraft was destroyed, reports claim that enough of the targeting system remained for a thorough examination.

The fighter jet, dubbed “Flanker” by NATO, was undertaking a so-called Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses (SEAD) operation when it was brought down near Izium, some 75 miles east of Kharkiv, on April 3, as previously reported by the EurAsian Times. 

Now, as scientists in the United States and the United Kingdom investigate the remnants of a fighter jet, experts believe it might make a “huge difference” in how the West conducts air-to-air warfare with both Russia and China, inflicting a severe blow to Russia’s military and industrial complex.

Specialists from the Ukrainian Air Force were able to recover critical and previously secret pieces from the wreckage and notify British intelligence. The systems were then taken to the Government’s Defence, Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) in Porton Down, Wiltshire, where boffins and two US Air Force specialists spent 10 days analyzing them, the report revealed. 

The preliminary evaluation was so promising that the systems were transported to Nevada, US, for further forensic analysis. 

“The SU-35S isn’t a simple drone – it is a sophisticated and very advanced piece of machinery that took decades to develop. Once its tech is stolen, it isn’t easily fixable and you can be sure that, depending on what the UK and US discover, Russia will be worried,” he added. 

China Keeping A Close Eye

Considering that the Chinese PLAAF (People’s Liberation Army Air Force) possesses, after Russia, the world’s biggest fleet of Su-35 fighter planes, this news may come as a shock to its military planners. China signed a $2 billion contract with Russia in 2015 to purchase 24 of the 4.5 generation extremely maneuverable aircraft.






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