Anti-vaxxers are spreading the rumour that the Director of the Chemnitz clinic in Germany left a letter blaming “lies about vaccination” for killing himself but police deny the existence of such a letter


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Watch out for this supposed anti-vaccination farewell letter from a German doctor

By Admin – November 18, 2021

Chemnitz police deny the existence of such a letter. – Facebook screenshot

This supposed farewell letter is shared on Facebook, after the German newspaper Bild wrote an article on November 3 about the death of this doctor, who ran the Chemnitz hospital. The death had been made public the day before by the town hall of this city in East Germany.


The article appeared in the newspaper Bild makes no mention of such a letter. Chemnitz police tell 20 minutes “To have carried out the investigation” on the subject. “We are not aware of such a farewell letter, contrary to what has been said in several publications,” she said.

Doctor Thomas Jendges died by suicide on November 2. He had co-directed this important hospital since April 15 and had become its sole director on October 1. He was among the first people at the facility to receive a dose of the Covid-19 vaccine at the end of December 2020, local media Freipress reported. He also supported the opening of a vaccination center within the hospital, as noted by our Austrian colleagues from Mimikama.


Free Press

After the death of the CEO: Chemnitzer Klinikum brings back the predecessor | Free press


Dirk Balster is expected to resume business on Monday. Meanwhile, the supervisory board has set up a staff selection committee.


After the tragic death of Chemnitz hospital CEO Thomas Jendges, the supervisory board brought back his predecessor Dirk Balster. Monday is expected to detect activity. The supervisory board agreed this Wednesday evening after the information from the “Free Press”. Reportedly, Balster, who relinquished his position as CEO to Jendges just a month ago, has already promised to help the clinic during this difficult time. He previously ran Germany’s third largest municipal hospital for nearly nine years.

Jendges died on Tuesday. The police are investigating the circumstances of the death.

To permanently fill the post of CEO, the supervisory board has formed a staff selection committee with representatives of employers and employees, which should start this process as soon as possible, it said in a statement Thursday. The supervisory board considers the hospital̵

The Chemnitz Clinic serves as the leading provider of care for the entire region of southwestern Saxony and has 1765 beds. In addressing the current corona pandemic, it has taken over the coordination of all 29 hospitals in southwestern Saxony and is therefore one of three coordination centers in the Free State.

There are currently around 7,000 employees in the Chemnitz clinic and in its subsidiaries and affiliates. This makes the group the largest employer in the city. In 2020, the Chemnitz clinic achieved an annual turnover of around 550 million euros. The largest structural expansion in decades is currently underway, the construction of a new clinic building with approximately 12,000 m2 of usable surface by 2022. (dy / jpe / fp)


Received via WhatsApp.

The head of the Chemnitz clinic in Germany committed suicide because of “lies about vaccination.”

Thomas Yenges committed suicide by jumping from the roof of the hospital. In his suicide note, the doctor allegedly justified his move by saying that he could no longer tolerate “constant lies and cheating about supposedly harmless vaccinations” related to Covid.

Dr. Thomas Yenges wrote a rather impressive suicide letter, which he demanded to be published. In it, he is said to have sharply criticized the government’s information policy regarding the dangers of vaccinations against Covid-19. The doctor could no longer stand the constant lie that vaccinations were supposedly harmless. And he could no longer deceive patients.

In the note, Yenges strongly condemns the vaccination of the population with the experimental and deadly Covid-19 vaccine, which is actually a biological warfare agent. In his opinion, this is genocide and a crime against humanity.

Since the mayor threatened him with dismissal if he did not comply and refused to vaccinate the clinic’s patients, Yenges presumably had no other options. He did not want to condone any crimes committed by the federal government, the state government and their henchmen. The Doctor saw his suicide as the only way to send a signal against all this.

These are separate excerpts from the entire suicide note, which are now in circulation. Although Dr. Jenjes ordered the publication of the suicide note in full, according to reports, the mayor of Chemnitz, Sven Schulze, continues to prevent this publication. Numerous groups have formed on various forums demanding that Schulze abandon his position and finally begin to respect the last wish of Yenges.




Here is an admission that the video is misinformation



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