No, President Jokowi of Indonesia did not ask ASEAN countries to co-operate with China: Indonesia wants relations with China and the United States


The Straits Times

Indonesian President Joko Widodo calls for cooperation amid US-China rivalry

Arlina Arshad Regional Correspondent

  • Published Oct 7, 2021, 10:38 pm SGT

SINGAPORE – Indonesia wants relations with China and the United States, both of which are good friends, to be mutually beneficial and contribute towards world peace and stability, President Joko Widodo said in a recent interview.

In challenging times such as during the current Covid-19 pandemic, he said countries should promote “win-win relations” and work together.

“Perhaps we cannot avoid competition. What we can do is to prevent a zero-sum game,” the Indonesian leader said in a Sept 30 interview with veteran diplomat and National University of Singapore Asia Research Institute distinguished fellow Kishore Mahbubani.

“My question is: Given today’s challenging situation, is this the right time for superpower rivalry? This is my message to all countries. For Indonesia, cooperation is the best option. We are ready to be a part of this,” he added.

The broad-ranging interview covered, among other things, the President’s thoughts on US and China relations, challenges for Asean, as well as his push for foreign investments and infrastructure during his presidency.

Mr Widodo, who is better known at home as Jokowi, reiterated that his main priorities for Indonesia remained the development of human resources and infrastructure, and for this to be spread throughout the vast archipelago.


Misinformation and propaganda received via WhatsApp
It’s the work of Wumao

Wumao: China’s army of ­internet commentators who sing the government’s praises and attack its critics


PRESIDENT JOKOWI HAS ASKED ASEAN COUNTRIES TO COOPERATE WITH CHINA…. All Chinese people around the world should take 5 minutes to read this and share it with your other Chinese friends

🌺A very valuable analysis of the current international situation is as follows :👇

_🌺China has begun to challenge the status of the US dollar. No wonder the United States was so anxious and vowed to turn Hong Kong into a chess piece that the United States exploited against China.

🌺Former Secretary of State of the United States, Kissinger once said that whoever controls oil will control mankind, and whoever controls the issuance of currency, will rule the whole world.

_ There is no country that does not need oil, but not every country produces oil._

🌺It is precisely this extraordinary business opportunity that the United States establishes a rule for all oil producers in the Middle East that all oil transactions must be settled in US dollars. That is, no matter which country buys or sells oil, it must first convert its own currency to US dollars.

🌺For oil-rich countries, you have to collect US dollars to sell oil, otherwise disaster will happen soon.

🌺This is equivalent to the world’s oil trade, all shaved & controlled by the United States.

🌺Why??? Because America has WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction), missiles, warplanes, and aircraft carriers within reach of anyone who disobeys.

🌺The world is dominated by the United States, and under the hegemony of Iron Fist, who dares to refuse?❓

🌺 It also relies on the dominance of the US dollar, and the United States has made a lot of money. Precisely because the dominance of the US dollar can easily bring tremendous profits to the United States. If anyone challenges the US dollar, the United States will destroy this nation.

_🌺 Saddam, Iraq’s Middle East hero, expressed his desire to use the euro instead of the US dollar. As a result, then-United States Secretary of State Powell took a packet of washing powder as evidence, wandering around the United Nations for support; but no one supports it.
The US then illegally invaded Iraq, overthrew & hanged Saddam and left Iraq in poverty to this day.

🌺In that era of the weak and the strong, the American carrier is a nuisance, and whoever has a big fist is the boss.

🌺Don’t say it’s Iraq, even if it’s America’s own core brothers, the (Euro) idea to fight the hegemony of the US dollar, will also be hit by the United States without hesitation.

🌺For Germany, whose position is very important in the EU, Chancellor Merkel simply stated that the Euro is more suitable as a settlement currency for oil than the US dollar. The US took immediate action. The Greek debt crisis ignited the entire European Union and brought the original monolithic EU into disarray, Merkel never daring to mention a euro settlement again.

🌺The United States uses this method of killing chickens and monkeys to warn the world that anyone who dares to challenge the United States will only meet a dead end‼️

🌺The world does not dare to challenge the United States. China is not only doing it but already doing it.

🌺In 2014, Russia took the lead in using the renminbi for settlements in oil trade with China. It destroys the earth. Iran follows and uses the renminbi for settlement.

🌺Even Iraq, which was “liberated” by the United States, followed closely behind and joined the renminbi settlement camp. Venezuela is even better. In the face of United States pressure, the renminbi settlement was adopted not only in the oil settlements, but also in the renminbi settlement camps. That means ignoring the dollar.

🌺 So far: Two thirds of China’s oil purchases have been settled in RMB, and the dollar is gradually being abandoned.

🌺To truly break the hegemony of the US dollar, China has made another pioneering move. Any oil exporting country that accepts RMB as an oil trade settlement will allow RMB to be exchanged for gold on the Shanghai Gold Exchange, which will greatly promote the internationalization of the RMB.

🌺 Linking crude oil, RMB and gold is the same as linking RMB credits with gold credits. This will surely make the world scramble to order RMB.

🌺After the movement of China’s RMB exchange for gold, in addition to the United States $, other countries are anxious. This country is Saudi Arabia’s Middle East oil tyrant. As China has increased its purchases of RMB from year to year, Saudi Arabia’s oil sales to China have been greatly reduced.

🌺Facing the huge Chinese market, the Saudis finally couldn’t help it.

🌺 Various signs suggest that the Saudis, the core brother of the United States in the Middle East, will also follow the general trend and use RMB for settlements.

🌺Don’t forget that Saudi Arabia is the big brother of Middle East oil, and it will have a big impact on other oil-producing countries in the Middle East. If the Saudis switched to RMB, the US oil siege on China would be completely broken. Then all imported oil can be settled in RMB.

This is tantamount to taking food from the mouth of the USA. The US is really worried. 20 years ago, any country that dared to do this would be suicidal. The US would have 1,000 ways to kill him, but today’s China is not what it used to be. After 40 years of courage and bravery, it finally has the strength to stand up to the United States. The US of today is no longer the United States of 40 years ago. 40 years of fighting and killing have emptied his treasury, and he is no longer the trusted leader of the past.

🌺Countries that chose to settle RMB settlements with China, whether it was Russia, Iran, Venezuela, which had brought the United States along for many years, or Iraq, which had just awakened after being deceived by the United States, all boldly stood up and said ‘NO’ to the United States. And what makes them steadfast is their partner China, which is recognized as the only country in the world that can compete with the United States.

🌺On the other hand, the United States, when it was dominant, had intimidated small countries everywhere, exhausted its national wealth, and its debt was high. Lacking money, Congress was forced to close Congress several times. After Trump came to power, there was a global contraction to protect himself.

🌺Facing a broken US dollar, it’s really not the best choice for the United States at sunset to fight a rising China.

🌺This is also the reason why the United States has tarnished China on the international scene in recent years, and threatened China in the South China Sea. The United States can only use this thug method to throw out the evil in its heart, but the great past has passed and it is powerless to return to heaven. No wonder some scholars in the United States complain: Twenty years ago, China was neglected & made the United States so passive today. (In the last 2 months the US has asked for a meeting with China 4 times, only last week it was granted with the arrival of Sherman. And in the last 1 month Joe Biden has asked for a meeting with Xi Jing Ping 2 times, but he was ignored…2/ 8’2021)

🌺 But who knows how much it will take for the rise of China today to exchange for it.

🌺 When the United States bombed the Chinese embassy in Yugoslavia, China patiently endured it.

🌺 When the United States hit a Chinese military plane in the South Sea, China tolerated it.

🌺 During the Taiwan Strait crisis in 1996, the United States shut down two of its GPS carriers. When crossing the Taiwan Strait, China still tolerates.

🌺Now the overall situation of the South China Sea has been determined. China’s reclamation of the islands has shocked the world. The Vietnamese provoked Xisha’s confrontation and were beaten and fled. The anti-China president of the Philippines has resigned and will stand trial. The purchase of the Diaoyu Islands has become a joke, and now the normalized patrol of the Diaoyu Islands has returned to China.

🌺Not only that, Chinese warships and aircraft continued to fly across various seas and straits. Japan continues to protest. China’s official response to this is that Japan will get used to it after experiencing it a few more times.

🌺Now China’s Sky Eye has become the largest and most advanced radio telescope in the world. Humans listen to the sound of the universe and see China.

🌺Now China’s One Belt One Road is fully launched, and global trade has gained more channels, and is no longer monopolized by the United States. China’s “Chang’an” carriage is mighty and majestic. The hundred-section freight carriage was like a long dragon. People from all over the world were astonished. The excitement of the Chinese dragon is coming.

🌺At present, China’s mobile payments have fully matured. Even grilled sweet potato uncles on the roadside use “WeChat” to pay while the United States is still relying on credit cards backwards. Countless Westerners living in China returned to their countries in great frustration. Feel uncomfortable that their country is too backward; China has become cashless, and coming home is like traveling back in time.

🌺 Now that China’s “F-20” has been installed, China has the Hongqi 9 series air defense missile against the United States stealth fighter, so that US warplanes do not dare to violate my country’s airspace.

🌺 Now China’s nuclear submarine noise reduction technology has been completely upgraded, and China’s own aircraft carriers have been launched one after another at incredible speed.

🌺Now China has a killer skill against the US aircraft carrier fleet, namely the Dongfeng 21D series missiles, which can easily destroy the US aircraft carrier fleet.

🌺 After the news came out, the US carrier defense line quickly retreated 400 kilometers from China. Now China has new early warning planes, new strategic bombers, 20 large transport planes, and now Chinese armed helicopters and more than 200 AI satellites monitoring all parts of the world, while heavy helicopters continue to be produced.

🌺 Wu Zhi 10, Wu Zhi 19, Wu Zhi 20 and so on are very dazzling.

🌺This is Chinese speed. This is China’s national defense.

🌺In the first hundred years, China experienced the Opium War, War of the Eight Allied Powers, War of Resistance against Japan, etc., and suffered humiliation and suffering.


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