In America: Chiropractors are leading the charge on COVID-19 misinformation by organizing, protesting, and spreading anti-vaccine falsehoods



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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Chiropractors Lead Anti-Vax Charge

An Associated Press investigation found that chiropractors are leading the charge on COVID-19 misinformation by organizing, protesting, and spreading anti-vaccine falsehoods — even selling Facebook ads and leading groups that have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for anti-vaccine political causes.

“Mainstream medicine will refer people out to a chiropractor not knowing that they could be exposed to misinformation,” Erica DeWald of the organization Vaccinate your Family told the AP. “You go because your back hurts, and then suddenly you don’t want to vaccinate your kids.”

Stephen Perle, a professor at the University of Bridgeport School of Chiropractic, said the opposition is led by an “exceedingly vocal, engaged minority,” of the practitioners.

One group organized what they called “Vax-Con ’21” a $299 (or more) event that featured a speaker known for an appearance in “Plandemic,” the video that launched a new era of mainstream misinformation. Chiropractors who attended the event in Wisconsin were able to get continuing education credits.

Another chiropractor ran a seminar and expo that raised $500,000 for anti-vaccine efforts in 2019, and others led a group that claims they killed a New Jersey bill that would have done away with religious exemptions for vaccines. More recently, the same group is gathering signatures and raising money to fight vaccine mandates for travel.

Some chiropractors have long been involved in movements for “freedom of choice” and one chiropractic association took a public stance that questioned vaccinations. Among medical professionals in Oregon (the state tracks data on healthcare provider vaccinations), chiropractors were the least likely of any licensed health professional to have been vaccinated for COVID-19, at just 58%.





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