The attack on Big Pharma continues: The agenda is to take down Merck, “classic Big Pharma”


Anti Merck and anti Molnupiravir post.

Received via WhatsApp.

Merck’s COVID-19 Monulpiravir Drug has mutagenic properties and offspring from treated mammals of same properties had been born without teeth and without parts of their skulls!!!

(Pulitzer Center Reports)

Dear all, there have been some comments that Merck’s new Covid pill, Molnupiravir could be the light at the end of the tunnel.

Please know the agenda. Know that Merck is classic Big Pharma which must be taken down.

Here is disturbing information received:

EIDD-2801 mentioned in the article is Molnupiravir. Mr Rick Bright notes in his complaint: “similar experimental drugs in this class had been shown to cause reproductive toxicity in animals, and offspring from treated animals had been born without teeth and without parts of their skulls.

Another key line later: “Thank goodness someone is raising the red flag,” about EIDD-2801, Schinazi says. “You don’t develop a drug that’s mutagenic. Period.”

The mainstream press cannot wait to highlight this drug, while censoring information on Ivermectin. There’s zero mention that Molnupiravir (development code EIDD-2801) is potentially dangerous.

Until they can prove that it does not harm, or cause mutations in human cells, the press should not, cannot hail Molnupiravir as the new wonder drug.

All who are careful about vaccines should be much more wary of Molnupiravir. This drug’s very action is to alter genetic material!

👆Long thread, with links, on Molnupiravir. NOT at all reassuring about its safety!

Our voices must displace the mainstream media censoring of all negative information about Molnupiravir, the way they inversely censor all positive information about Ivermectin.

Know the agenda.

Read more here:


My input:

1. This sets the slant of the whole article: Please know the agenda. Know that Merck is classic Big Pharma which must be taken down.

2. This is a scientific article that takes a non partisan approach.

Early safety concerns accompanied Merck’s molnupiravir, the first potential oral COVID-19 therapy 

3. Molnupiravir has considerable potential as an orally bioavailable direct acting antiviral against SARS-CoV2 early in infection, especially in high risk patients. However, clinical use should be carefully considered in light of its potential mutagenic effects on the host.

4. Excerpts from “Health Desk: How does Merck’s Molnupiravir differ from Ivermectin?”

5. ZDoggMD: A Pill For COVID? | A Doctor Explains

6. Merck has a Covid-19 pill but it won’t be Ivermectin


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