A Penang legal team representing 18 children has through Ong and Manecksha filed a judicial review application to the Penang High Court against the Malaysian government on the vaccination programme for 12-17 year olds


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A Penang legal team representing 18 children has through my firm, Ong and Manecksha, filed a judicial review application to the Penang High Court against the Malaysian government on the vaccination programme for 12-17 year olds. The government is planning to roll the vaccination programme out from 15 Sept. Our leave and stay application was filed on 30 Aug with a certificate of urgency. Our leave application hearing was fixed today (Friday 10 Oct). The AG Chambers came on record and asked for time to file their written submission. We requested for the leave and stay application to be heard today or before 15 Sept but the court has fixed 4 Oct for the AG to file their written submission and 15 October for hearing on Zoom.

Below is our approach in the judicial review application. It is by law a choice whether someone wants to be vaccinated or not. The Covid-19 vaccines are given conditional registration in Malaysia. One of the eligibility conditions is “Existing products have not been successful in eradicating the disease or preventing outbreaks.” Our government is conducting clinical trials on the efficacy of Ivermectin. If Ivermectin is found to be effective, the conditional registration of the vaccines should be withdrawn. If Ivermectin is not effective, the government in rolling out the vaccination programme for 12-17 year olds should obtain informed consent from parents. Getting informed consent from patients is a requirement for medical practitioners under the MMC guidelines. For those who have been vaccinated, they were asked to sign a consent form. Most don’t quite read and understand it. They were not given the Risalah Maklumat Ubat untuk Pengguna (RiMUP) for the vaccine they took. The RiMUP lists the side effects and adverse effects for the vaccine, which is an essential part of getting informed consent. The RiMUP also tells those vaccinated how to report the side effects and adverse effects. Deaths related to vaccines are not investigated. The authorities require the family of anyone who dies after taking the vaccine to leave the body with the hospital for 14 days if they want a post-mortem. Most if not all refuse that, thus, there is no data on vaccine related deaths. WHO said, “More evidence is needed on the use of the different COVID-19 vaccines in children to be able to make general recommendations on vaccinating children against COVID-19.” Children fare well even if infected with Covid-19. Myocarditis might cause chronic and irreversible damage to the heart muscle requiring lifelong medications. We should not allow the government to experiment with our children’s health. Our case covers all these issues.

We have a number of affidavits from medical experts around the world, including Dr Peter Mc Cullough, Dr Theresa A. Lawrie, Simone Plaut and Dr. Homer Lim. We are willing to share resources with other teams. For this purpose, please contact Eric Cheah (rickojonal@protonmail.com 0164865854). Lee Khai (leekhai@ongmanecksha.com)


Peter McCullough


Los Angeles Times

Column: A warning to doctors — spreading COVID misinformation could cost you your license


Some have allegedly inflated or misrepresented professional credentials or achievements, which enhances their authoritativeness.

Take Texas doctor Peter McCullough, who has questioned the safety of COVID-19 vaccines and advised pregnant women and recovered COVID patients against taking them — advice that runs counter to that of the medical establishment.

Since Feb. 24, according to a legal filing, McCullough has conducted “dozens, if not hundreds, of interviews in print and video,” during some of which he is identified as a staff official at Baylor Medical Center or its affiliated institutions, such as “vice chief of internal medicine” at Baylor.

That’s a key date, according to a lawsuit filed against McCullough by Baylor affiliates, because it’s the date on which McCullough reached an agreement with Baylor not to use his previous Baylor titles or “hold himself out as affiliated” with Baylor or its related institutions. The July 28 lawsuit seeks to force McCullough to stop using his former relationship.

A McCullough lawyer told the Dallas Morning News that every misidentification cited in the lawsuit is “something said/printed by a third party with no encouragement from Dr. McCullough.” The lawyer told MedPage Today that the lawsuit was “a politically motivated attempt to silence Dr. McCullough as he saves countless patient lives from COVID-19.”



Simone Plaut and Dr Theresa A Lawrie


Dr Homer Lim


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