Chinese scholar claims that he disproved Einstein’s Theory of Relativity using Marxist Philosophy…


The article was posted on 10 June but was removed on 22 June.






Recently, a Chinese scholar claimed to have disproved Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity using Marxist philosophy, and his research project was also recommended by the Hebei Provincial Education Department for the 2021 Hebei Provincial Science and Technology Award. When the news became public, it immediately sparked widespread public concern and discussion.

Publicly available information shows that the research was encouraged by the former Chinese Minister of Science and Technology Wan Gang and the Chinese Association for Science and Technology. It was also featured in more than 20 media such as Science and Technology Daily and Xinhua.

In the afternoon of June 22nd, on the official website of the Hebei Provincial Department of Education, the nominated projects document released on June 10th could no longer be seen.

On June 22nd, a reporter from mainland media Xinjing News called Li Zifeng, but there was no response. Later, the reporter received a reply from Li: “Given that I am exhausted, leadership has told me to rest. Therefore, I won’t be discussing academic matters for the time being.”

Li Zifeng’s research project “Marx’s theory overthrows relativity” was recommended by the Hebei Provincial Department of Education for an award. The project was supported by the former Chinese Minister of Science and Technology, Wan Gang, as well as the Communist Party of China Association for Science and Technology, and was featured in more than 20 media reports.

Some experts on China have commented that this incident is related to the current general political environment within China. It’s also coincidentally the time when the CCP is preparing for its 100-year celebration. Many people in China are now expressing their loyalty to the CCP in various ways. Some people are dancing the “loyalty” dance; some schools, including elementary schools, are telling students wear the uniforms of the CCP’s Red Army; China’s space station has also been sent into orbit with three astronauts who are all party members, and they have expressed their intention to set up a CCP “space branch” as a tribute to the “100th anniversary of the CCP.

Researcher Li Zifeng has overturned the theory of relativity with Marxist philosophy, gained the goodwill and support of officials and media, and laid the foundation for his future development; while he is busy “doing research”, does he have time to pay attention to China’s other social problems?


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