CNN: The Truthtellers…


The truthtellers

China created a story of the pandemic. These people revealed detailshyaaybsqt Beijing left outgzgi

By Julia Hollingsworth and Yong Xiong

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Stemming the flow of information and misinformation was how China managed to get things under control.

We see America’s method which was to allow everything so everyone spent an entire year dying and being lied to and being misinformed. A year later and people are still spouting the same misinformation and lies.

Some of those guys listed didn’t do anything except break quarantine and endangered more people. One guy there was arrested because he kept breaking quarantine and going from one infected site to another site.

One woman was arrested because she tried to break people out of quarantine.

Trying to make heroes of them is idiotic.

These news channels were complicit in all the misinformation last year as well. I don’t see them holding themselves accountable whatsoever.

Instead they sell their lies and misinformation as responsible public service.

r/worldnews – China’s truthtellers: The people who shared details of the Covid-19 pandemic that Beijing left out


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